Move Better in 2022 with Evolve's Mobility

Move Better in 2022 with Evolve's <em>Mobility</em>

Get ready to move better in 2022 with our EVOLVE Challenge!

As one of the 4 training styles you get access to in this challenge, MWU Coach 
Morgan Moroney, has programmed 6 weeks of the most effective Mobility workouts to see you moving, lifting and jumping better in no time.

Mobility training matters, and should be something that's regularly included in your fitness regime.

Whether your goal is to improve your general mobility, or to see a difference in your form in movements, incorporating mobility exercises into your training routine will help ease muscle tension, enhance your range of motion, and improve your all-round performance in functional fitness.

By performing mobility training on a regular basis you'll increase the range of motion within your joints and surrounding muscles, allowing you to squat deeper, move better, recover faster, and
 push harder.

What type of workouts you can expect

The mobility workouts take 30-45 minutes on average, and include a mix of dynamic and static exercises, combining stretching and controlled movements to increase your flexibility and range of motion with every session.

To get an idea of what Mobility looks like, check out the training split below, plus keep scrolling for a sneak peek workout to get you moving.

Mobility sneak peek

This session is focused on working your hip mobility and flexibility, which is beneficial for all types of training to enhance your balance and stability.

Give it a go and notice an instant improvement in your mobility!

Move quickly between each exercise taking minimal rest in between.

A1. Roll Downs: 10 reps


A2. Cat Cows: 10 reps


A3. Caterpillars: 5 reps


A4. Trunk Rotation: Hold for 45 seconds each side


A5. Seated Neck Release: Hold for 30 seconds each side


A6. Scap Pulls: 15 reps


A7. Standing Bend Stretch: 15 seconds each side


A8. Basket Stretch: Hold for 30 seconds


A9. Power Band Lat Stretch Movement: 45 seconds each side


A10. Side Lying Glute/Lumbar Stretch: 45 seconds each side


A11. Trigger Ball Glutes: 60 seconds each side


A12. Seated Hurkey Stretch: 45 seconds each side


Repeat these exercises for 2 rounds.

To complete the Mobility workouts we recommend having access to a pull-up bar, a weight plate, a stretching stick or broom, a yoga mat, stretch bands, a foam roller, a trigger ball, and ankle weights. 

Get Mobility ready with all the essentials in the Move With Morgan Bundle.

Places for our EVOLVE Challenge have now closed as the challenge has officially started. 

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Start your journey today to unlock your potential and make 2022 your best year yet!