• βœ“ 6 Week Pilates and Nutrition Program.
  • βœ“ Strengthen and Sculpt your Body.
  • βœ“ Improve Posture, Flexibility & Stability.
  • βœ“ Master the Pilates Fundamentals.
  • βœ“ Discover your Inner and Outer Strength.
Over 1,500
Nutritious Recipes
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Discover your inner and outer strength with our brand new 6 Week Pilates Program.

Sculpt, sweat and flow it out on the mat as Certified Pilates Coach Lisa Nicolaisen guides you on a journey to building balance and strengthening your mind and body with at-home pilates workouts.

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6 Weeks
Strengthen & Sculpt
Minimal Equipment
Meal Guides

By completing our Pilates Program you can expect to:

βœ“ Strengthen and sculpt your muscles.
βœ“ Improve your posture, flexibility, and stability.
βœ“ Master the fundamental movements of Pilates.
βœ“ Work smaller muscles to help prevent injuries.
βœ“ Create a healthy relationship with food and fitness.

Are you ready to strengthen your mind and body? Our 6 Week Pilates Program is perfect for you if:

βœ“ You want to strengthen and sculpt your body.
βœ“ You are a Pilates beginner and want to feel confident on and off the mat.
βœ“ You want to strengthen your mind-to-body connection and experience the transformative power of Pilates.
βœ“ You prefer minimal equipment, 45 minute workouts that can be done anywhere at any time.
βœ“ You are looking to supplement Pilates with other training styles to help prevent injuries and have you moving better in every aspect of your life.
Throughout the Pilates Program you will discover workouts between 30-45 minutes in length.

Throughout this 6-week Program you will experience a mix of:

  • Upper, Lower and Full Body Sculpt Sessions.
  • Full Body Sweat Workouts.
  • Core Sessions.

This Program includes two class styles: Body Sculpt and Body Sweat.

Body Sculpt concentrates on low-impact movements that target specific muscle groups, including those that you may not have known existed. By emphasising core strength, this class is intended to lengthen and sculpt your body, while also enhancing your flexibility, posture, and stability.

Body Sweat is a blend of Pilates and cardio that elevates your heart rate and makes you break a sweat. This high-energy class is designed to sculpt your body and leave you fueled with endorphins.



This structured training program is designed specifically to help you master the basics of Pilates. Choose from 6, 5 or 4 training days and receive access to easy to follow, guided 30-45 minute workouts.

science based nutrition

Customisable Meal Guides designed to meet your unique nutritional needs and help you achieve your goals. Gain access to 1500+ recipes, giving you endless delicious options to keep your plate full!


Enjoy access to our On-Demand workouts where you can follow along with Coach Lisa as she takes you through Pilates and Stretch classes - in real time. With new classes dropped monthly, you'll be in pilates heaven.


At Move With Us we believe in making your fitness journey as smooth and rewarding as possible. With our Platinum Membership, your commitment to health and fitness becomes more effortless than ever.

Choose between a budget friendly, Monthly billing option of $24.99AUD a month or a simple Annual billing cycle of $249.99AUD billed every 12 months.

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platinum membership

$ 189.99 USD
βœ“ Unlock access to all Challenges.
βœ“ Access to all 10+ Programs and Levels.
βœ“ Platinum exclusive 'On-Demand' Pilates, Running & Yoga Workouts.
βœ“ Customised Macros and Meal Guides.
βœ“ Access to all App Features including Mindset, Nutrition, Tracking and so much more.


platinum membership

$ 18.99 USD
βœ“ Unlock access to all Challenges.
βœ“ Access to all 10+ Programs and Levels.
βœ“ Platinum exclusive 'On-Demand' Pilates, Running & Yoga Workouts.
βœ“ Customised Macros and Meal Guides.
βœ“ Access to all App Features including Mindset, Nutrition, Tracking and so much more.


$ 59.99 USD
βœ“ 6 Week Pilates and Nutrition Guide.
βœ“ 12 Weeks Access to your Program & Nutrition Features within the App.
βœ“ Customised Macros and Meal Guides.
βœ“ Accountability Tracking including Daily Goals, Hydration and Steps.

For both Annual and Monthly Platinum Memberships, cancel within first 7 days for a full refund as per our Cancellation Policy.

*For Monthly Platinum Memberships, there is a minimum of 4 monthly payments required.



Frequently Asked Questions

Intakes commence 10am every Monday and as soon as you confirm your order, you will receive instructions on how to access our App and begin preparing for Day 1.

To complete the Pilates Program, you will need the following pieces of equipment:

- Yoga Mat
- Booty Band
- Pilates Ball (Lisa uses a 22cm ball)
- A Light Pair of Dumbbells

The best part about this Program is you can take these workouts anywhere with little-to-no equipment.

You’ll receive app access right away just keep an eye out for an email from our team on how to get started in the MWU App.

Yes! You can use our β€˜Restart Program’ feature allowing you to start the following Monday.

By purchasing this Program only, you will gain 12 weeks app access to the Move With Us App.

By purchasing our Platinum Membership you will have on-going access to this Program, as well as our other Programs, all Challenges + exclusive content

Yes! You will have the option to choose from a 6, 5 or 4 day training split each week.

Yes! You can switch between home and gym workouts by toggling between the dumbbell and home icon in the workouts tab.

Yes, you certainly can! If you are not ready to purchase our Platinum Membership, you can join our Program separately. Keep in mind that you will only receive 12 weeks of App Access when purchasing separately.

Absolutely! With our Platinum Membership, you receive access to ALL available MWU Programs and Levels, as well as any Challenge that is released during your Membership.

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email from us which includes instructions to create your account. Please ensure you are subscribed to receive these important updates here.

For a step-by-step guide to Getting Started please click here.