Why you should Move With Us!

Why you should Move With Us

It’s time to take the next step in this journey, a step that creates the most inclusive, most welcoming, and most empowering sisterhood you could ever imagine. 

Welcome to Move With Us. The movement for every body. 

This chapter means so much to us, because we’re able to do so much more for you. It’s bigger than just a change of names, it’s about providing you with an experience like never before. And it all starts here. With new Coaches, brand new Challenges and our most exciting App updates ever, we know so many of you will have questions, and we’re here to answer them all (or as many as possible!) 

Why we’ve evolved 

Rachel truly felt it was time to grow into something bigger, to grow our sisterhood and stand alongside other strong, unique and powerful women who share her vision and will help make fitness accessible to every woman, everywhere.  Just as hundreds of thousands of women have transformed with us, it was time for a transformation of our own. 

If you loved us before, you’re about to love us a lot more! Move With Us is all about providing you with access to better tools, more variety, greater support and a brand new way to achieve your health and fitness goals like you’ve never seen before. We want you to move more, live more, and be more —  and we want you to have fun doing it! 

By bringing on three Coaches, all specializing in different areas of fitness and movement, we’re able to provide you with even more value and change the lives of even more women. And we haven’t stopped there. We’re also proud to introduce our updated Move With Us App, providing you with:

✅   3 brand new 8-Week Challenges
✅   Live Workouts from Rachel Dillon, Deanna Lorea, Alexis Predez and our official Coaches that’ll be announced this week! You can browse multiple workouts from these 5 incredible women, allowing you to follow along and receive tips throughout your workout. 
✅   Browse multiple Meal Guides at the tap of a button! This was highly requested, and our Team has changed the game with the introduction of this new feature. For the first time ever, you can now browse multiple Meal Guides that perfectly fit your recommended calories and macros. 
✅   Delicious brand new recipes to choose from!
✅   An updated Workout Library, featuring new workout options for all three Coaches!
✅   Mindset videos from our Mindset Coach, Alexis Predez.
✅   The ability to favorite recipes, workouts and videos for easy access later!
✅   The option to share your progress, recipes, workouts + more to social at the tap of a button!

PS: We’ve made so many exciting improvements to the features you already know and love!

PPS: That’s not all! There’s still SO much more on the way...

Meet your Coaches!

Rachel Dillon

Discover a new way to move. Join 3x WBFF Champion and body-sculpting master, Rachel Dillon, as she guides you through 8 weeks of her fresh and revolutionized approach to training. 

Rachel has dedicated her life to transforming the lives of women around the world, and now you get to reimagine your fitness journey with a brand new Challenge. Get ready for total-body, functional and movement-based workouts that follow Rachel’s exact style of training to shred and tone without losing muscle.

Emma Dillon 

Bring your journey home. Join our home specialist, Emma Dillon as she guides you through 8 weeks of home workouts as you’ve never seen them before, and proves to you that goals aren’t just achieved in the gym. 

Emma has spent years showing women what they can achieve anywhere and anytime, and now you too can transform on your terms. Whether you’re a busy mum, have a crazy schedule or simply aren’t a fan of the gym, get ready to train, sweat and move through weight-focused training, full-body sculpting sessions and dedicated booty building workouts all in your own home.

Morgan Moroney

Unlock your inner athlete. Join lifelong gymnast and athlete, Morgan Moroney, as she guides you through 8 weeks of strength-building and performance-based workouts to have you feeling, and moving, your best.

Morgan’s belief in the power of movement and the role that strength plays in how we move has led her to show women everywhere what their bodies are truly capable of. Get ready for full-body conditioning and movement-based training that will challenge your potential and have you running faster, feeling stronger and moving better than ever.

So, what’s next?

With more ways to move than ever, the first step is finding the best fit for you! We’ve kept our TLMBooty & Core, and STT Programs that you know and love, and now you can tailor your fitness journey even more with 3 brand new Challenges from our Coaches. Want to be the first to grab a spot for one of our Challenges? Make sure you pre-register here to get early access! 👈

Spots for our new Challenges officially launch on May 11th, and we’ll continue giving you more updates about exactly what’s coming on our Instagram, and through exclusive content when you pre-register. Trust us — you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled as we announce our Coaches and what’s coming next!

Are you ready to move with us? 

So much love,

Team Move With Us xx