Unlock the Secret to Building Your Booty

Unlock the Secret to Building Your Booty

It’s no secret that at Move With Us, we're all about building our booty! 🍑

And we’re so excited to share that Coach Rachel Dillon has teamed up with the Glute Guru, Aden to create the ultimate 6-week guide to growing your glutes.

Say hello to our BUILD-A-BOOTY PROGRAM!

With their combined expertise, guidance, and support, you'll experience a series of workouts designed to target your glutes from every angle.

So who’s it for? This 6 Week Program is perfect for you if:

✓ You want to build, shape and transform your booty.
✓ You want to learn the secrets of weight training and booty sculpting from industry experts.
✓ You need a boost of motivation and want to feel excited to hit the gym.
✓ You want to expand your knowledge and challenge yourself with advanced training protocols.

✓ You enjoy guided 60-70 minute workouts designed to help you gain overall lower body strength.

Paired with our proven approach to nutrition, you'll learn how to nourish your body, fuel your workouts, and achieve the best results possible.

Our Build-a-Booty Program is now available to join with weekly intakes commencing every Monday. For our Platinum Members, Build-a-Booty can be accessed in your MWU App via the Program Switcher. And as this is a Program, it is available any time throughout the year! 📲

What can I achieve with this Program?

A strong booty not only looks great but also helps with everyday movements and boosts overall confidence! Our Build-a-Booty Program is designed to help you achieve that by incorporating a variety of exercises that are both challenging and enjoyable.

By completing this Program, you can expect to:

✓ Build, shape, and transform your booty.
✓ Gain overall lower body strength.
✓ Learn how to nourish your body and eat for your goals.

✓ Improve your form and technique.

What training can I expect in this Program?

The Build-a-Booty Program is specifically designed for intermediate to advanced trainers who are looking to take their training to the next level. The programming includes a variety of advanced training methods, technical cues, and exercise variations designed to help achieve the best results possible.

Throughout this Program you will enjoy a combination of:

✓ Glute-Focused Workouts to build, shape and strengthen your glutes
✓ Isolation exercises to sculpt and shape your glutes
✓ Variety of different training methods to maximise results
✓ Upper Body Weighted workouts to strengthen and define your upper body

✓ Core work designed to improve posture and stability

The workouts in this Program have been divided into two 3-week training blocks, designed to help you achieve maximum results. Over the 6 Weeks you will focus on the:

Glute Size and Strength

The Build-a-Booty Program features 3 dedicated glute workouts per week, with a focus on just 3 main lifts to help you bring energy and effort to every single set. Through expertly designed programming, you will see your strength progress each week, leading to noticeable improvements in glute size and overall lower body strength.

Glute Sculpt and Shape

In addition to the main lifts, you will shape and sculpt your glutes with a variety of unique exercise variations designed to target the upper glutes and build a round, full booty.

Upper Body

For those wanting to achieve a full body transformation, the Program also features 2 optional upper body days per week that focus on building strength & definition, with particular emphasis on the back and shoulders.

With this Program, you will also have the option to select from a 3, 4, or 5-day training split, or alternatively customise your Workout Planner to suit your schedule. Here’s a closer look at the training splits:

PLUS! For the first time ever in the MWU App, we’ve included IN-DEPTH Exercise Explainer Videos, where the @glute.guru breaks down all the fine-tuned coaching cues for every lift in this Program.

This Program is here to help you achieve results using Progressive Overload, Effort & Intensity, and Mind-To-Muscle Connection. Let's break it down further...

Progressive Overload

One of the foundations of this Program is the use of Progressive Overload. This principle is essential for growth and strength training. The programming is designed to build your booty and improve your performance in the gym by gradually increasing the demands placed on your body. You will be encouraged to adopt a results-driven mindset that fuels your motivation and drives you to succeed.

Mind-to-Muscle Connection

The Program also focuses on the mind-to-muscle connection that will help you to unleash your full potential by learning how to engage your glutes more effectively. The Program provides expert tips, tricks, and technique cues to ensure that you are targeting your glutes correctly and getting the most out of your workouts.

Effort and Intensity

Effort and intensity are critical components of this Program, and the programming is designed to encourage you to push yourself. A range of intensity techniques and tactics are incorporated to ensure that every session delivers a challenging workout that will help you achieve your goals. What you put in, is what you will get out!

Prepare yourself for intensity tactics with Pyramid Sets, Drop Sets & Rest-Pause Training, along with a variety of advanced techniques like Paused, 1-1/4 & Deficit Reps, and let’s not forget Aden's infamous 6/6/6-6 Protocol, which will leave your glutes fired up like crazy! 🔥

Want to know more?

We answer the commonly asked questions below:

What's included in this Program?

This guided 6 week experience includes:

- Effective home and gym workout options with the ability to choose from 3, 4, or 5 training days per week.
- Customised Meal Guides tailored to your preferences and goals.
- 12 weeks of access to all features of the MWU App.
- Weekly check-ins and progress tracking.
- Digital and Printable Habit Tracker.
- Customer Care Partner.
- Expert Trainer and accredited Dietitian support

- Daily goal-setting, habit tracking, and so much more!

You’ll enjoy everything you need in one App!

The MWU App will be your very own personal trainer, dietitian, sous-chef, and motivational hype girl all in the palm of your hand.

When can I join this Program?

Build-a-Booty is now available to join!

As this is a Program, you will have immediate access and be able to set your start date to the current week to start right away. Our Build-a-Booty Program will also have weekly intakes commencing each Monday throughout the year.

As soon as you confirm your order, you will receive instructions via email on how to access our MWU App and begin preparing for Day 1.

You’ll enjoy 12 weeks of full App access if you choose to join this Program separately, or alternatively, explore our Membership options for 12 months App access. For a step-by-step guide to get started please click here.

What equipment do I need?

With our Build-a-Booty Program, you will have access to both home and gym workout options. If you prefer to train at the gym, a standard gym should provide all equipment and machines required to complete the gym workouts but if you’re training from home you'll need:

  • Sliders
  • Booty Band
  • Power Band, Resistance Band, or TRX Bands
  • Set of Dumbbells
  • A Bench or sturdy piece of furniture
  • Yoga Mat
Is this Program included in the Platinum Membership?

Yes! When you sign up for our Annual Platinum Membership, you receive access to ALL available MWU Programs and Levels for 12 months, as well as access to ALL upcoming Challenges during the Challenge duration period for 2023.

For our Platinum Members, you'll be able to access the Pilates Program via the Program Switcher in your MWU App when App access is live.

→ Simply click on your Profile pic to open up your App menu
→ Select your current Program
→ Click on the ‘Programs’ tab to view all current available Programs
→ Select the Pilates Program
→ Choose your preferred start date

→ Complete your onboarding questionnaire

Will Build-a-Booty also target my upper body and core?

Although this Program has been designed to primarily build, strengthen, and sculpt your glutes, we have included two upper body days to help you achieve a full body transformation. These upper body workouts focus on building strength and definition, with particular emphasis on the back and shoulders.

During the glute-focused sessions, you will also be using your core to engage the right muscle groups needed and in our upper body sessions, we've made it a priority to include core-focused exercises.

Which Nutrition Goal should I choose with Build-a-Booty?

When it comes to selecting your ideal goal this should be based on what you are hoping to achieve. This being said when it comes to muscle growth and building a booty, our body does have some preferred environments!

Our Build-a-Booty Program is designed with a progressive overload style of training, which is ideal for muscle growth. So let’s break down your goal options:

Muscle Gain: This is the preferred goal! This will provide you with a calorie surplus which is our body’s ideal environment for muscle growth to occur. This will allow your body sufficient calories to push yourself in your workouts with enough energy to build lean muscle mass. You may experience a slight increase in body fat % during this time but that is totally normal and expected! While you can take steps to minimise this it will likely be counterproductive to your overall goal of muscle growth.

Maintenance: This goal is a great option if you are wanting to focus on building your strength but may not be ready for a surplus just yet. The goal of maintenance is to sit at a calorie intake that doesn't cause weight fluctuations.

Both: This goal aims to place you in a minor calorie deficit for a steadier approach to weight loss and muscle preservation. Achieving both fat loss and muscle growth simultaneously (body recomposition) is possible, however, not in every situation. Body Recomposition is primarily reserved for beginners in training, those who have had a prolonged break from weight training or those with a higher body fat %.

Lose Body Fat: The aim of this goal is a significant calorie deficit for overall weight loss. If you are wanting to focus on weight loss you can certainly opt for this goal, it is simply not ideal for muscle growth. While you can technically lose weight on our Build a Booty Challenge, it is not the best designed Challenge to help achieve this. 

So if you’re ready to build, shape and transform your booty, this is your sign! 🍑

If you have any further questions about our Build-a-Booty Program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@movewithus.com 📧 or click the chat button to talk to our friendly Team today → 

Our MWU Team is always here to help keep you accountable, and provide you with all the support and guidance that you need to succeed ❤️