Dear Busy Girl, It's Time To Level Up

Dear Busy Girl, It's Time To Level Up

We are so excited to announce the return of the Busy Girl Workouts Program!

Last year, we introduced our very first program designed to help busy women like you achieve their health and fitness goals without the need for extended hours in the gym.

Now, in 2023, we are even more excited to present Busy Girl Workouts Level 2.0, featuring brand new On Demand Pilates Workouts, Express Glute-focused Workouts inspired by our successful Build-a-Booty program, and dedicated Upper Body Workouts. The best part is that all of these workouts can be completed within just 30-45 minutes.

Let's delve into the reasons behind the creation of Busy Girl 2.0 and why we included these brand new workout offerings.

The Evolution to Level 2:

A year ago, the first level of Busy Girl Workouts was created to align closely with my personal training style at the time. I was using a busy gym for the first time in a while and wanted to create workouts that were both time efficient and busy gym friendly. As my training evolved and my workout split changed, I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to take Busy Girl to the next level and base it off my current split. The idea of Busy Girl Workouts was initially born from my desire to create effective workouts that could be accomplished without the need for excessive equipment or transitioning from machine to machine. Now, with the new level, we are introducing a fresh perspective to cater to your evolving fitness needs.

The Incorporation of Pilates:

Around three months ago, I integrated two pilates sessions per week into my workout routine and was amazed by the physical and mental progress I experienced. As someone who was deeply devoted to weight training and compound movements, embracing this new training style brought a much-needed variety and pushed me in different ways.

Upon receiving valuable feedback from the MWU community about their love for the On-Demand Pilates Workouts from our Pilates Coach, Lisa, we were inspired to include them in our Program. For the first time ever, we have designed a way to seamlessly integrate these On-Demand Pilates workouts directly into your Workout Planner, allowing you to follow Coach Lisa in real time.

The Introduction of Express Glute-Focused Workouts: 

After the success and popularity of our recent Build-a-Booty Challenge and Program, in collaboration with the 'Glute Guru' Aden, we were eager to incorporate some of the cutting-edge techniques and exercises we learned. Our goal was to offer you targeted lower body workouts that can be completed within 30-45 minutes, making it convenient to fit into your busy schedule.

I am so excited to share my personal workout split with you all in Busy Girl Workouts Level 2.0 and hope that this Program helps you to achieve your goals. Our mission remains —to empower you, the Busy Girl, to achieve your health and fitness goals with workouts that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Thank you to every Busy Girl who has Moved With Us already, I can't wait to level up with you all in Busy Girl Workouts 2.0.