What You Can Achieve in 6 Weeks

What You Can Achieve in 6 Weeks

Whether you're looking to achieve a full body transformation, create a new lifestyle, or simply take on a new challenge, we're here to show you what you're truly capable of achieving.

Keep scrolling to check out some inspiring transformations showing what our past clients have achieved over their challenge journeys from 6 weeks, to 6 months down the track.

These transformations are being shared in hopes to inspire and motivate you on your own journey, and to celebrate our incredible community for all their hard work.

Please never compare your progress or the time in which it's been achieved to that of anyone else. Remember that your health and fitness journey is uniquely yours, so always keep the focus on your own goals and outcomes.

Let's give it up for these awe-inspiring women, for their impressive transformations mentally, physically and beyond.

At home transformations

Check out Anna's incredible 6 week Fat Loss transformation from home!

Anna kickstarted 2021 by completing our 6 Week New Year Challenge, working out entirely from home. Her goal was to lose body fat which meant that she was placed in a moderate calorie deficit at 1700 cals with personalised nutrition targets (Protein 152g, Carbs 125g, Fat 66g) to set her up for success in achieving her goals. 

Anna shared her journey with us, "I suffer from PCOS, so it has been quite a journey for me trying to lose weight. I've literally tried everything in the book, nutritionist, trainer, etc. I feel like I'm always on a diet with limited results.

Then I found MWU. I did some research on the Facebook Forum and read that so many women with PCOS syndrome have had great success with this program, so I decided it give it a try.

I was absolutely not expecting the results I've achieved. The support and community I've found through this program have been so motivating and absolutely incredible! So excited to see what the next challenge has to offer me. Thank you for the incredible experience!"

Another standout home training client, Karla, is a mother of two young ones, proving that it is possible to find a healthy balance with a busy lifestyle and achieve incredible results.

We are so proud of how much Karla achieved at home in just 6 weeks.

Karla also completed our 2021 New Year Challenge with a goal of Fat Loss, and completely amazed us with what she achieved in just 6 weeks. 

Karla said, “This was so much fun! I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old, but somehow I still managed to do all my workouts. I had started a program before and I didn't finish it, I was never consistent, but when I saw this challenge I just loved it!"

Ready to redefine what’s possible and achieve a full body transformation from your own home? Learn more about our At Home workouts and try one of the sessions here.

Nondu is another inspiring client who took control of her health and fitness journey and transformed both her body and mindset throughout her 6 week challenge. Her smile says it all.  

Nondu shared, "Starting the 6 week challenge was super difficult for me because I had injured my ankle a few months before, and could barely walk on the treadmill. I had lost all motivation and I was in a low place, because I had found comfort in food and gained lots of weight. I genuinely didn’t think I would be able to see any results, let alone make it to the 'finish'.

I knew that nutrition would be the most difficult part of the challenge because I loooove ice cream and treats. But the MWU App, and macro break down, made it much easier to manage, and find a balance where I still get to enjoy the things I like without feeling bad.

The mindfulness feature was my favourite part because I was forced to look at myself, my goals, and my ambitions in a positive way. Through changing my mindset and how I approach health and exercise, I found myself looking forward to my daily sweat sessions and meal prep days". 

Nondu's transformation goes to show that when you master your mindset and learn to trust and enjoy the process, you become truly unstoppable in reaching your goals.

Transform on your own terms

No matter what your goal is, we're here to guide and support you towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

When starting your Program, you have the option to select Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, or Both as your goal in the MWU App, which will determine the nutrition targets and personalised Meal Guide you receive.

For those who are looking to achieve fat loss at a more steady pace, while preserving as much lean muscle as possible, our 'Both' goal is recommended for you. This goal is also a perfect transition point if you're in between the stages of Fat Loss and Muscle Gain in your transformation journey.

The Both goal will place you in a mild calorie deficit on slightly higher calories compared to the goal of Fat Loss.

While your muscle mass is unlikely to increase dramatically on this goal, you will still be sculpting and shaping your physique and create muscle definition through a combination of your training and nutrition protocols.
April is one of our amazing clients who selected Both as her goal for her 6 week Challenge, and was blown away with her results. 

Throughout the 6 weeks, April's calories gradually increased while still achieving an impressive reduction of body fat.

April says that, "This challenge has meant a lot to me. After having an accident, which left me unable to be active for 18 months, I am so happy I have been able to find my passion again.

Thank you for teaching me that just because my injury means I can't do certain exercises, doesn't mean I can't be involved (thanks for the exercise swap function).

You've also taught me that I don't need to eat boiled chicken and broccoli all the time, or thrash myself with cardio and HIIT to achieve weight-loss.

So, thank you for designing an App that is empowering and friendly to all; thanks for teaching me that Biscoff is fine to eat; thanks for my newfound confidence, and most importantly thanks for my improved mental health!"

Kate also completed her 6 week challenge with the goal of Both, and has amazed us with her incredible transformation. 

Not only has Kate transformed her body, but she has also embraced the flexible dieting approach that we preach, and worked her way up to 2000 calories with her personalised¬†nutrition split of¬†Protein 125g, Carbs 252g, Fat 55g.‚Ā£

Kate says, ‚ÄúI really enjoyed my challenge! It was right up my alley in terms of training and the flexible dieting made it doable for me. I actually ate more than I ate before and got great results! I'm super excited & will continue to workout with MWU!‚ÄĚ

Build lean muscle, strength and confidence

Ladies, this is your reminder that lifting weights will not make you 'bulky'. Jessika's 6 week transformation is proof that you can lift weights and feel strong while also wanting to create a feminine shape.

Jessika's goal for her challenge was to gain muscle, build her glutes, and increase her overall strength and confidence in training. 

She was placed in a calorie surplus to provide her with the necessary fuel for muscle growth, and increased her calories from 2050 to 2220 cals over 6 weeks.  

Jessika says, "I loved every minute of this challenge. This is my third consecutive challenge with MWU. 

I struggle with putting on weight and building muscle, so I can't notice many changes in my figure, but I do feel so much stronger. I increased my weights while training every week!"

Create sustainable habits and long term lifestyle changes

At MWU, our Challenge experience goes far beyond what you achieve in just 6 weeks. We provide you with all the tools you need to succeed and help you build positive new habits to create an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle. 

The majority of our clients go on to complete multiple Programs and back-to-back Challenges with us to continue working towards their goals.

Let's take a moment to appreciate some of our community members who've achieved amazing results over a longer time frame.

Crystal's transformation has been achieved over 4 months, completing three of our challenges from home. We are absolutely blown away with her incredible results. 

Crystal's journey is proof that when you trust the process, the results will follow. She started her journey earlier this year when she joined our BBS Challenge, and since then has gone on to complete our STRONG Program, and more. 

Natalie is another long-term client who's completed over 5 Challenges with us and achieved an amazing transformation far beyond her physical changes.

Check out what Natalie has achieved over her 7 month journey. 

Natalie shares that her biggest win has been hitting her goal weight and losing 19kgs in 7 months.

Along with this win, she 
shares, "In 7 months I have achieved so much, I found a love for the gym, I am so much more confident with weights, and have started lifting heavy thanks to Move With Us for giving me that, and showing me that weight loss is not all about cardio.

Some days are harder than others and you will fall off now and again, be kind to yourself, and if you're consistent the results will come. I pushed slowly, and created small achievable goals each challenge so I didn’t get overwhelmed. You have to do this for you!"

If you're feeling inspired and ready to commit to achieving your goals, our personalised nutrition and training programs are the key to unlocking your full potential and transforming your mindset, fitness, and lifestyle.

We have a variety of different programs suited to all fitness levels and goals, and our Team is here to support you every step of the way.

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