A Closer Look at Total Body Sculpt

A Closer Look at <em>Total Body</em> Sculpt

Looking to kickstart your fitness journey, but have no idea where to start? Look no further!

Our Total Body Sculpt team from our 6 Week BBS Challenge is recommended for those who are new to fitness and looking to achieve a full body transformation.

⁣This 6-week experience follows an effective training and nutrition approach to increase your total body strength and work towards a defined, feminine shape to have you feeling your best.

You’ll receive complete access to our MWU App for 6-months to be able to enjoy all the features and benefits to continue progressing in your journey beyond the Challenge period.

It’s time to challenge yourself and take your fitness to a whole new level with Total Body Sculpt ⌛

What training can you expect?

With our Total Body Sculpt Challenge team, you'll focus on increasing your total body and core strength through a combination of weighted workouts, sculpting sessions, core strengthening and stability work, and HIIT and cardio circuits. Plus you can take your workouts to the gym or train from the comfort of your own space with access to both, home and gym options, plus exercise swaps to suit any environment.

As one of our most popular Challenges to date, you can enjoy more with access to ALL 5 Rounds in the MWU App. So whether you are completely new to fitness or someone looking for an extra challenge, we have an option to suit you. Take a look at what each round includes, as we break it down below.


The perfect starting point for beginners or intermediate trainers who are completing a Challenge with us for the first time.


A great option to progress into for those who have previously completed Round 1 of our BBS Challenge.


The ideal round for advanced trainers looking for a serious challenge to take their fitness to the next level, and have previously completed Rounds 1 & 2 from our BBS Challenge.


This round is recommended for the expert trainers who have completed Round 3 previously, or those who have experience, not just with training, but with various training methods.

​​ROUND 5:

This is our most challenging round yet, with new advanced training methods introduced! This round is exclusive to our Total Body Sculpt Challenge team. We recommend this round to those who have at least a years’ training experience or have completed the previous rounds.

And no matter which round you start at, you’ll have access to 6 workouts and 1 rest day each week. But if this doesn’t suit your schedule, you also have the option to customise your Workout Planner, making this experience more flexible for any lifestyle.

Want to see more of what training styles are included? Check out the workout splits for each round below.

Monday: Lower Body Weighted
Tuesday: Upper Body Weighted
Wednesday: HIIT Cardio & Lower Body Sculpting
Thursday: Core Strength & Stability
Friday: Full Body Weighted
Saturday: Lower Body Sculpting

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

Monday: Lower Body Weighted & HIIT Cardio
Tuesday: Upper Body Sculpting
Wednesday: Lower Body Weighted
Thursday: Core Strength & Stability + LISS Cardio 
Friday: Lower Body Sculpting
Saturday: Upper Body Weighted

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

Monday: Glutes Weighted
Tuesday: Full Body HIIT Circuit
Wednesday: Upper Body Weighted
(Focus: Shoulders & Triceps)
Thursday: Full Body Sculpting
Friday: LISS Cardio + Core Strength & Stability
Saturday: Lower Body Weighted
(Focus: Quads & Hamstring)

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

Monday: Glutes Weighted
Tuesday: Upper Body Weighted + Core Circuit
(Focus: Back & Shoulders)
Wednesday: Full Body Circuit
Thursday: Glutes Weighted
Friday: Full Body Mobility + Core Circuit
Saturday: Lower Body Weighted
(Focus: Quads & Hamstrings)

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

Monday: Lower Body Weighted
(Focus: Quads & Hamstrings)
Tuesday: Upper Body Weighted & Core Challenge
(Focus: Full Upper Body)
Wednesday: HIIT Cardio & Lower Body Sculpting 
Thursday: Core Strength & Stability + Full Body Mobility 
Friday: Full Body Weighted
(Focus: Full Body)
Saturday: 30 Min Glute Circuit 

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

Total Body Sculpt Workout Example

Train alongside Coaches Rachel Dillon and Emma Dillon and give these workouts a go. Discover for yourself, what you can really expect from Total Body Sculpt.

Try this full body workout session!



When we said our BBS Challenge is suitable to all ages and all fitness levels, we meant it. Take a look at Mumma Dillon - who also participates in all MWU Challenges, using the MWU App to modify the workouts to suit her. Give this full body workout session a go!



What can you achieve with Total Body Sculpt?

Check out what our community have to say from their own 6 week experience with Total Body Sculpt (formerly Team Bikini) 😍

Neen’s Journey

Neen says:  "My biggest win has to be mindset 💗 ⁣⁣

Our mind is so powerful! Having the right mindset has helped me adhere to the plan and I’m so proud of what I have done and can’t wait to see what else I can do."⁣⁣



Hayley’s Journey

Hayley says: “I can’t believe it has been 6 weeks already. Thank you Rachel Dillon for this amazing Challenge!! I completed the entire Challenge at home with only dumbbells, a booty band and an exercise ball. ⁣

⁣I’m super proud. It feels good to see how far I’ve come in only 6 weeks. I truly believe my results are mostly due to the meal plan, and matching the right calories and macros with my goals. I stuck to my calories and macros the whole 6 weeks.”



Veronica’s Journey

Veronica says: "I got my confidence back and I was able to wear clothes that didn’t fit me from years ago. I became stronger and was able to do exercises that were impossible to do in the past. Lost 13lbs in total!

I loved every minute of this journey. I learned so much about nutrition, taking care of my body, and about my mental health.”



If you love a variety of training styles and feel inspired by the incredible experiences of our community, then don’t miss your opportunity to get involved with our BBS Challenge starting on April 11.

Join Total Body Sculpt and enjoy 6 months access to our MWU App with guided gym and home workouts, customised meal guides tailored to you and your goals, access to 1000+ macro-friendly recipes, daily goal setting and tracking, exclusive content, and so much more.