Get to know our Nutrition features!

Get to know the Move With Us App Nutrition Features

Getting your nutrition right is an incredibly important part to achieving your health and fitness goals! But it’s often the part that most of us get confused about. 

What can I eat? What can’t I eat? Will a salad and ice cube diet give me the body I’ve always dreamed of? (nope!) How do I plan my meals so I’m not ravenous and grabbing random food all the time? 

That’s why at Move With Us, we’re determined to equip you with effective, sustainable ways to fuel your body. 

We firmly believe that you don’t need to sacrifice flexibility or enjoyment to hit your nutrition targets. We also believe in giving you all the tools you need to know your individual targets and choose from delicious meals all crafted to get you there. 

That’s why our Team is always hard at work to deliver the ultimate nutrition experience for you with our Move With Us App. With every Program or Challenge, you get access to multiple Meal Guides created by our in-house team of Dietitians to suit your macro targets, goals and preferences.

Your nutrition hub is fresher than ever, so let’s have a look at what intuitive features you can use to customise your nutrition journey to make the most out of your meals!

Welcome to our nutrition tab


Our Nutrition features at a glance

Whether it’s your first time using the Move With Us App, or your 500th (go sis!), now you can get your hands on our most customizable and intuitive nutrition experience, EVER. 

Make your ‘Meals’ tab truly yours!

Flexible dieting is all about incorporating all food groups into your diet, while still maintaining your macro targets and smashing those goals. And from Day 1, we make flexible dieting and nutrition fun in our App. 

  • Not loving your Meal Guide? No problem! Use the ‘Get New Meals’ feature to effortlessly browse through the entire selection of Meal Guides suited to your goals and preferences and find one you love, or switch up a few each week. 
  • Your day, your way! Change the order of your meals or remove meals that don’t suit your lifestyle by tapping the “Edit” notepad button. 
  • Made too many changes? Reset your Meal Guide to our original recommendations at any point, by using the “Refresh” button.
  • Any edits you make to your meals can be applied to just one selected day, or all days starting from the selected date. It’s up to you!

Recipes made to be customized and enjoyed! 

You don’t just get to customize your meal planning, sis. Every recipe and ingredient can be tailored to what you’ve actually eaten, and what you love to eat. Now that’s what we call flexible.

  • Cooking for the entire fam or wanting a more filling meal? Simply edit your serving sizes to suit the occasion! Macros and ingredient amounts will adjust accordingly, so you can track second helpings accurately.
  • Favorite the meals you love most to keep them all in one spot! 
  • Recipe calls for turkey mince but you only have beef? Just hit the ‘Swap’ button above your ingredients and the arrows to change your ingredients. No more rushed trips to the shops needed.
  • Want to shout from the rooftops how much you love a dish? Get the word out by sharing a recipe card with your friends and family for mouth-watering inspo.

Need inspo? Take a peek at our Recipe Library!

Now that you’ve got your tailored macros and Meal Guide, you might think that’s all there is. No way! We want you to eat the way you love, which is why we created our full-to-the-brim, delicious Recipe Library. 

Simply pressing the ‘Recipes’ button on your Meals tab will take you right to our new-look Recipe Library, where you’ll find over 650 delicious creations to suit any mood/day/cravings

  • Craving something NEW? We add recipes regularly! Just check the ‘New Recipes’ tab for the latest and greatest dishes from our team of dietitians.
  • Search by meal type — breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, or start keeping your own most-loved meals in one spot with your very own ‘Favourites’ section!
  • Chowing down on something not on the App? Add in your own meals or ingredients just by clicking ‘Add New’ and filling out the nutritional info. 
  • Super helpful tip! If you’re adding in new food that you know you’ll want to find again, name it with your own name in front! Eg. ‘Rachel - Chicken Noodles.’ That way your fave noodles made by Mum are just one quick search away.

Meal Guides loved by our sisterhood!

Want to know what women have to say about our Meal Guides and nutrition experience? Take a look at just a couple of the thousands of incredible transformations ladies all over the world have achieved with us!  

Kate's 6 Week Transformation

 Meet Kate! 😍

🏋️‍♀️  Challenge: Bikini 2.0⁣
🏆  Goal: Both
🍎  Nutrition Targets: 2000 cals (P 125g C 252g F 55g)⁣

What Kate had to say about working with us: 

“I really enjoyed the Bikini Challenge! It was right up my alley in terms of training and the flexible dieting made it doable for me. I actually ate more than I ate before and got great results! I'm super excited & will continue to workout with MWU!”

Sabrina's 8 Week Transformation

Meet Sabrina! 💖

🏋️‍♀️  Challenge: Bikini Build 2.0⁣
🏆  Goal: Both
🍎  Nutrition Targets: 1700 cals (P 152g C 125g F 66g)⁣

What Sabrina had to say about working with us: 

“I am a shift worker and I thought that this Challenge would be a struggle. I work both night shifts and day shifts, and the ability to tick off small achievements within my day made it so much easier to keep track! I stuck to this Challenge 100%, and there was not a time where I felt starving, or not getting enough nutrients. It has completely changed my views on food, and has made me love my body. I feel strong, healthy, and happy!⁣ I couldn’t be more grateful for everything I’ve learnt and achieved.”⁣

Nutrition Tailored For You

We’re always working to design, bake, cook and create recipes, Meal Guides and features that can be tailored to your goals, your preferences, and your lifestyle. We know that every day is different, and we’re always aiming to give you the tools and features you need to customise your day.

Take the quiz to choose your health and fitness transformation with us today and know that no matter what meal you're feeling, delicious and nutritious options are just one tap of a button away! 

MWU Team xx