The Benefits of a Workout Buddy

The Benefits of a Workout Buddy

Whether you have a regular workout buddy, a bunch of friends you train with every now and again, or even a virtual workout buddy, we absolutely love when we've got a friend to train by our side. 

Here's why. 

A workout buddy means you have a personal spotter

Ever wanted to go heavier on your bench press, but felt too afraid of not being able to complete the lift?

Training with a workout buddy means you have a personal spotter, someone who can help you with those heavier lifts so that you can hit new PBs.

You’ll also find that you will spend less time thinking about your exercises and more time focused on actually completing your workout with your training partner. 

Another pro to having a workout buddy is that they can watch your form and pull you up when your technique is off.

They can help film your lifts, count your reps, ensure you’re doing the right tempo, hype you up, and the list goes on.

Give this killer core session a go for your next training session with your workout buddy!


A workout buddy will keep you motivated & accountable

Guilty of booking yourself in for a fitness class and then cancelling because you don’t want to go alone? Or found yourself finishing up a workout early because you weren't feeling it? 

With a workout buddy by your side, you’ll be less inclined to do so, because training with someone else motivates you to push your limits.

It’s only natural that your competitive side will kick in and you’ll be working a lot harder to keep up or outdo your workout buddy… don’t worry they’re probably thinking the same thing too.

Even better than that, sometimes you just really need the hype. Your workout buddy will be your personal motivator, encouraging you to push, jump and run even when you’re not feeling it. You’ll thank them for it later.

Training with a workout buddy also means you’ll be more inclined to try different training styles or new exercises that you normally wouldn't, such as yoga, matwork pilates, or even go head to head in an EMOM Challenge.


A workout buddy makes the whole exercise experience a whole lot more enjoyable

Exercising doesn’t come easy to everybody. It can be especially hard to sticking to a regular fitness regime if you're doing it alone.

However, when you have a workout buddy, such negative feelings seem to ease. You get to share your workout experience with someone else and have an understanding ear to complain about your post workout DOMs to. 

Also, working out with a partner gives you an excuse to try all the trending TikTok partner workout challenges… right?



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Don’t have a workout buddy?

Join the MWU Facebook Community where all our inspiring and likeminded clients will keep you motivated, supported and engaged in fulfilling your fitness goals.

You never know… you just may find a workout buddy from your area in the forum!

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Keep scrolling for a free 20 minute EMOM Challenge for you and your workout buddy to try. Give it a go and tag @movewithus on your socials. 

Free Full Body HIIT Session
20 minutes
EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) Format 

The goal is to complete each exercise within 1 minute, repeating for 5 consecutive minutes. The quicker you finish each minute of the EMOM, the longer rest you will receive. For example, if you completed your given reps in 45 seconds, you will have 15 seconds remaining as rest time within that minute. The goal is to finish your reps as quickly as you can to allow for more rest time. Have no longer than 2 minutes rest between each EMOM split (Set A, B & C). 


A1. Squats

10 reps, 5 sets


A2. 100m Run

1 rep, 5 sets


B1. Push ups (Neutral)

10 reps, 5 sets

Push Ups

B2. Burpees

5 reps, 5 sets


C1. Tuck Ups

10 reps, 5 sets

Tuck Ups 

C2. Flutter Kicks

10 reps, 5 sets

Flutter Kicks