At-Home Glute Sculpting Session

At-Home Glute Sculpting Session

Chasing a short and effective booty burn from home? Grab your booty band and give this lower body workout a go.

You don't need weights, a barbell or a squat machine to hit an effective lower body session. This minimal equipment sculpting circuit will have you burning in all the right places. 

With each exercise, practice your mind-to-muscle-connection by focusing your attention on using your glutes and squeezing the specific area you want to target.

Complete every rep with control, following the video demonstrations for the correct form and tempo, while actively thinking about the muscles you're working.

All you need for this session is a booty band and a sturdy elevated surface, such as a couch or coffee table.

We've got 10 exercises, 3 rounds and just under 40 minutes of work.

Let's get into it. 

Lower Body Blitz Circuit 

A1. Banded Squats

A2. Banded Jump Squats 

A3. Banded Squat Pulses 

A4. Banded Wall Sits 

 A5. Banded Wall Sit Abductors 

Take 60 seconds rest before starting circuit B. 

B1. Banded Hip Thrusts 
B2. Banded Hip Thrust Pulses
B3. Banded Crab Walks 
B4. Banded Kickbacks (30 seconds each leg)

Hold onto a wall or chair for balance.

B5. Banded Standing Lateral Kicks (30 seconds each leg)

If you're in-need of a band to level up your home and gym sessions, booty bands are a staple for your lower body training and warm-ups. Shop our range of non-slip, non-rolling Cotton Bands here.

Feeling the burn? 

We bet your glutes are on fire after completing this circuit, so take 5 minutes to cool down with active recovery, whether that's stretching, foam rolling, or some low intensity cardio.  

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Stop scrolling and start squatting. 
Get started today.