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Bikini Build Program Level 4

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Welcome to BIKINI BUILD, an effective 8 week Program designed to elevate your training and help you build muscle, strength, and confidence in the gym. Bikini Build has empowered thousands of women to transform both their minds and bodies, hit their PBs, and discover newfound confidence.

Now it's back and here to stay as a Program available to join year-round. Coach Rachel Dillon has teamed up with industry experts to bring you a combination of workouts that provide an emphasis on progressive overload - making it a perfect fit if you enjoy lifting! With 4 levels to choose from, Bikini Build is here to progress alongside you.

Bikini Build is for you if:
✓ You are looking to build muscle and shape your physique.
✓ You want to focus on progressive overload and hit new PB's.
✓ You enjoy challenging yourself with 40-70 minute weighted workouts.
✓ You want to push your limits and learn new training techniques.
✓ You want to build strength without neglecting mobility.
✓ You enjoy our Strong Program or Sculpt Challenge and are looking to elevate your training.

Paired with our proven approach to nutrition, you'll receive access to customisable Meal Guides tailored to your calorie and macro targets. You'll also receive access to a library of 1200+ macro-friendly recipes to help you learn how to nourish your body, fuel your workouts, and achieve the best results possible. Prepare to build your strength, knowledge, and confidence with Bikini Build. 

Level 2

Weeks 1 & 2: During these initial two weeks, we delve into a new approach involving three similar exercises that target the same muscle groups. We want to execute these sets with minimal rest, allowing you to challenge yourself intensively and building strength. Additionally, the focus shifts towards isolation exercises, concentrating on individual legs or specific sides, rather than engaging multiple muscle groups. While the main goal is muscle building, we incorporate treadmill/skipping sprints and core circuits to enhance muscle definition. We'll identify a suitable starting weight for specific exercises and progressively increase the load as the weeks progress.

Weeks 3 & 4: The main focus in these weeks is on progressively increasing the weight in each set for our compound lifts. We strongly advise using the workout notes feature of the App to track the weight you use, facilitating weekly increases. Two training intensity techniques will be introduced: the drop set and pyramid set. A drop set involves completing sets and reps while decreasing the weight with each set. On the other hand, a pyramid set requires increasing the weight with each set.

Weeks 5 & 6: Much like weeks 3 & 4, weeks 5 & 6 concentrate on improving your weight per set, nearly reaching a point of failure. A recommended way to approach this is to set a weight goal for your final set and then work backwards. For instance, if you aim for 70kg on the last set of 10 back squats across 5 sets, you could start at 50kg and progressively add 5kg with each set finishing on 70kg's.

Weeks 7 & 8: During this two-week span, we'll put everything we've learnt and felt over the past six weeks into play. Isolated exercises will be combined with drop sets in this phase. We'll continue honing pyramid sets and strive to minimise rest time between sets. You'll notice a wide range of machine-based equipment to be used, this includes: leg extension machines, hamstring curl machines, cable machines, and glute abduction machines. These will help efficiently target specific muscle groups while having complete control over movements.

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