No-Equipment Full Body Burner

No-Equipment Full Body Burner

It's time to get up and moving with this full body session.

Target your full body in less than 30 minutes with these 8 highly-effective body-weight moves. 

No gym or equipment is required, all you'll need is a mat and a sturdy elevated surface like a couch, coffee table, or chair.

Watch how to do each exercise in the videos below.

Ready to work? Let's move.

Full Body Burner 

A1. Lunge to Squat Complex: 30 seconds 

A2. Frog Jumps: 30 seconds

A3. Bulgarian Split Squats: 30 seconds each leg

Use a stable, low lying surface such as a chair, coffee table or couch to rest your back leg on.

A4. Single Leg Wall Sits: 30 seconds each leg

Take 90 seconds rest after each full round of exercises.

Complete all 4 Rounds of A1-A4 before starting circuit B.

B1. Ski Jumps: 30 seconds 

B2. Bird Dogs: 30 seconds 
B3. Spidermans: 30 seconds
B4. Bicycles: 30 seconds


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