Is Your Nutrition Aligned with Your Goals?

Is Your Nutrition Aligned with Your Goals?

Are you really fuelling your body to achieve your goals?

Firstly, it's important to note that everybody's body is different, and what works for one person might not work for another.

Some of you are looking to achieve physical and performance goals, whilst others are looking to improve their nutrition habits and create sustainable habits. Our mission is to guide and support you in your journey, no matter your goals.

👇 So let's break it down further...

Choosing Your Goal

Your goal should always be aligned with what you are wanting to achieve, not what others think you should be aiming for. Always remember that it will likely take different phases of calorie intakes and goals to see physique-based changes. With our upcoming Build a Booty Challenge, remember that while achieving both muscle growth and fat loss simultaneously is technically possible, it will not be the case for everyone. This goal is best suited and achieved for those who are new to weight training/coming back from time off or have a higher body fat %.

So if you are ready to have a muscle growth phase let go of your fear of gaining weight and allow your body the opportunity to thrive on a surplus for those gains for a while 💪 And if you're coming off from a deficit/ surplus or not wanting to focus on physique-based changes, you can enjoy sitting at your maintenance intake. Our body isn't always meant to be in states of change so remember sitting at your maintenance is always a great option.

Selecting a Meal Guide

Our Meal Guides at MWU consist of one day of eating and change weekly. Whether you prefer to eat different meals every day, every week, or keep them the same, it's completely up to you! We offer a variety of Meal Guide options, so choose the ones that you enjoy the most and that you'll stick to. If you're looking for basic Meal Guides and recipes, check out our Busy Girl Meal Guides available within your Meal Guide Library.

Consistency is the key!

At MWU, consistency is key. Our goal is to teach you how to be consistent and build habits that you can maintain and sustain even after a 6 or 8-Week Program. While these may look a little different such as reducing the number of times you're working out each week or adjusting your calories, we never want you to feel in a place of extreme restriction during your Programs.

Whilst following a structured plan aids in achieving your goals, being consistent with your calorie and macro target is key if you are wanting to see performance and physical results.

Remember, this is YOUR journey! ❤️

Here's what our community have to say about Nutrition at MWU ⤵️

"The food really is my favourite part. I don’t feel restricted. Flexible dieting has changed my life and the way I look at food and the guilt that I use to feel eating half of these things I no longer feel" - Aimee

"FAV FOODS to fuel my body at the moment. The weather is warming up so I'm having heaps of fruit and yoghurt!! I also tried the lower calorie lasagne with chicken mince from the app the other day and OH MY GOD, it was so flipping delicious. This is also your reminder that no food is bad, enjoy the bread!!! I have been absolutely loving having sourdough toasties/eggs on toast every day after depriving myself for years. Flexible dieting is a game changer!" - Kirrily

"The MWU app is an amazing way to learn more and start practicing flexible dieting, which for me has been the biggest game changer in my fitness journey. It's an epic tool to start playing around with your meals and swapping things around based on the things you love to eat! [...] Please don't think certain foods are "bad" everything in moderation is the best way and the app does set you up with delicious foods to begin with" - Tam

"I originally started MWU following the meal plan and it helped me SO much learn about foods, their nutritional value and tracking! Now I practice flexible dieting I encourage you to play with the app, swaps, and educating yourself on macros. Eating for fat loss or maintenance does NOT have to be boring. What helps me is at night time I spend 5-10 minutes filling in my main meals for the next day (based on cravings/whats in my fridge/meals I've planned). Then I can assess if I am close to hitting my protein target and adjust from there! Protein is KEY for muscle maintenance." - Samantha

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