Is Stress Affecting Your Progress?

Is Stress Affecting Your Progress?

Almost all forms of movement will boost your endorphins and help decrease your stress levels, so pick a type of exercise you enjoy and feels good for your body.

If you're after something of a lower intensity to relax your mind, yoga and tai chi are both perfect ways to combine the practice of meditation, breath and physical movement.

Allocating set time to moving your body each day, with no distractions and making that time purely for you, will start to mend how you are feeling emotionally.

Connect to Nature

If you can take your exercise into nature, getting some fresh air and sunlight on your skin will make a world of difference to your stress levels.

Try the practice of earthing (or grounding), by putting your bare feet on the ground and connecting to nature, whether on the beach or on grass in a park. Studies have shown that the energetic connection from the earth to our bodies reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and increases vitality and sleep quality. 

Create a Positive Morning Routine

If you can avoid checking your phone for at least the first 10 minutes of your day, you'll give yourself time to be present and check-in with yourself before connecting to the stresses of the external world through social media and news. 

To start your day on a positive note, practice gratitude by listing a handful of the things, people or experiences you're grateful for. The MWU App helps you cultivate gratitude and self-love with daily goal setting prompts.

The practice of journaling is also a great way to go within and reflect. It doesn't have to be pages or a big block of time, just a few dot points to get you to stop and think. Don't just write your to-do list, get in touch with how you're feeling, what you want to focus on, and set your non-negotiables for the day.

If your mornings are too busy, make time for some moments of mindfulness throughout your day instead. If you can find time to scroll through your Instagram stories, you can find the time to dedicate to you.

It's also so important to switch off your screens for half an hour before sleeping to wind-down and disconnect from any external stress. Use this time for self-care and doing things that calm you, whether that's reading, doing your skin routine, painting, stretching, or some daily reflection through journaling.

It's all the small little steps and habits that are going to make a huge difference in your daily life and in your happiness. Holidays are great for a mental break, but if you go away only to return to your old ways, the benefits are short lived.

Start taking time for you, and make listening to your body and brain a priority today.