“THANK YOU BBR! I have finally found a program that I can really get behind and that produces pretty amazing results in a healthy way. Looking back I still can’t believe I made it through as I didn’t think I had the discipline,
however I was incredibly lucky to have my partner who was doing BBRformen at the same time. As it was both our first challenges we were able to push each other and also with the support of the BBR team and forum how could I not succeed. I completed every single workout which was one of my bigger achievements along with my overall results.

I have to admit I did have challenges especially with my nutrition but with every step closer to our goals we learn more and more about the strength we have and no matter what we can succeed. I definitely am continuing on my journey with the BBR program and I can’t wait to continue not only working out but also living a healthier more happier, balanced life.

Thank you Rach and the entire team for all the support and guidance and I feel incredibly lucky to be apart of such a great community. 💗

Overall I really enjoyed the app and everything that it offered especially the words of encouragement!”