“The changes I have seen in my body are beyond belief, it is such a short amount of time!! I was ready to see these kinds of change in years!!! Every day I wake up feeling stronger and better. My own photos this morning shocked me!!

Just finished the Booty 1.0 Challenge, my second (successful) challenge with the girls and I’m amazed at my own self. I’m so so thankful for stumbling upon Emma’s Insta photo! I just saw these two stunning women in a picture and the caption read “because we are gonna be, forever you and me” and it was so heartwarming to see two beautiful sisters and to find out they are fitness coaches? I saw they do 6 Week Challenges and I just couldn’t not!!! The best decision of my life to date. Yes!! 

I can never thank the universe enough for aligning my stars with these stars. Today I’m a strong and confident woman who no longer hears “omg do you even eat?” Today I hear “wow you look incredible!” And that’s thanks to Rachel and Emma and their amazing program to strengthen women around the world. I will always and forever be thankful for your guidance and support. Much love girls”