“Bikini 2.0 was the second Challenge I have completed and I’ve seen huge results! Throughout this Challenge I have lost 3kgs, 6cm's off my chest, 3 cm's of my waist, 4 cm's off hips, and 4 cm's off my legs. I completed body fat testing previous to beginning the Challenge and found that I dropped from 19.68% to 15.73% while gaining 600grams of lean muscle. 


Full credit to you and your team Rachel - I have been training for several years now but have never really reached the goals that I am after. Although I still have room for improvement I am absolutely stoked with the small but noticeable steps I am making while using your programs. I appreciate your training style, as every day is different and find that I have never once been bored and have looked forwards to every workout. Friends have asked me how I'm getting my results and I literally rave about you and your team! You guys rock! Bring on your 8 week Train Like Me Program! All I can say is thank-you!”