Team Bikini Round 2
"I’m extremely excited to share my final 6 week Bikini Body photos! I feel so amazing and energetic and am soooo happy with how much I was able to transform my body with Rachel’s home workouts! I lost my job about 8 weeks ago due to Covid-19 and was feeling quite down and unmotivated... I was sitting around watching Netflix and eating terribly. I noticed in my social media that Rachel was starting another fitness challenge (I have previously done her Build a Booty challenge a year ago) so I thought this was a great opportunity to get me motivated and out of bed before 11am! It really helped pick me up and feel alive again! The meals were tasty and easy to prepare. I didn’t have a lot of dumbbells or fitness equipment but the home workouts were still very challenging with minimal equipment! It just goes to show we don’t really even need a gym to get fit!"