Challenge: 6 Week - Team Bikini
"Firstly I would like to say thank you for all of your guidance throughout this challenge. The team were always extremely helpful and very quick to respond with any questions I had.
At the beginning of this challenge I had just arrived home from a holiday in Bali where I overindulged in food and a few too many drinks, so it was the perfect time to jump on board for my first Challenge; and I am so glad I decided to join! I had been an avid gym user for a few years but felt like I had come to a standstill with any progress and was feeling kind of lost when it came to the nutrition side of things. I always considered myself to eat ‘clean’ but it wasn’t until completing this challenge that I realized I wasn’t properly fueling my body so that it could work at its best. My sleep has improved majorly, I’m down 2.5kg and have lost 4cm on my waist which was the main area that I wanted to improve on. I followed the meal plan for the first week and then used it as more of a guide and created my own meal plan which I was happy with and enjoyed eating everyday.
I’m super happy with my results over the last 6 weeks and cannot wait to see what I can achieve in Bikini Round 2! 
Thanks so much!"