Twinning is Winning

Twinning is Winning

It was a huge surprise to the whole Team at Move With Us, when we discovered that two of our challenge winning clients were actually twin sisters.

Completing entirely different programs, both Tamsin and Kiara transformed their bodies, mindset and lifestyle with our 8-week STRONG Program and 4-week FIT Program.

Both sisters completed their programs from home during Melbourne's lockdown and achieved remarkable results, both mentally and physically. 

Tamsin's 8 week transformation 

"It was all about time management, developing a routine and daily checklist while creating a positive “I can” mindset". 

Tamsin’s twin sister Kiara made the decision to sign up to our 4-week FIT Program after seeing her sisters’ incredible transformation, and also went on to achieve unbelievable results in just 4 weeks, entirely from home.

Kiara's 4 week transformation

"You’ll be surprised how quickly the physical and mental changes can come with hard work and dedication".

Tamsin and Kiara are both busy mothers to three little ones and have so many helpful tips and tricks to share that helped them throughout their own journey.

Tamsin's top tips for training

  • Get your kids involved in your workouts

    My girls would love to have a go at the exercises so they’d stand next to me and I’d encourage them to follow along with Rachel on the app. My 4-year-olds push up technique would crack me up but I loved it. 

  • Use your kids as weights for exercises 

    My kids would want a turn each, so I’d end up doing pyramid sets of squats, and go from holding my youngest child to the oldest.

  • Make training your alone time

    When I wanted to work out on my own, I would wait until it was nap time, or for my husband to get home. I would hide from the kids and workout in the garage. 

  • Have a neat and organised training area

    If you don’t have a designated space out of your kids' way, what I did was store my workout equipment in the laundry where it was easily accessible for when I wanted to set up my little space and train (either inside or in the backyard when it was nice and warm).

  • Make it challenging for yourself

    I would challenge myself and choose a finisher or burnout challenge from the App Library to add on to my workout every day. I would also double up resistance bands when I needed to make exercises more difficult, and focus on my mind-to-muscle connection. Knowing what muscles you are targeting and really focusing on them makes such a difference!

Kiara's top tips for training

  • Train first thing in the morning - don’t put it off!

    I would train every morning as soon as I woke up so I wouldn’t put it off or make excuses not to do it later in the day.

    I tried to get up in the morning before my three kids (which rarely happened as they would get up at the crack of dawn) so they would come out and join me or play around me. I managed to complete every workout, despite my three daughters aged 4 and under constantly interrupting and distracting me.

  • You don’t need much equipment to get results from home

    I only used 2 sets of dumbbells, a resistance band, a booty band, bench, skipping rope and ankle weights for the 4-week FIT Program.

Tamsin's top tips for meal prep

  • Plan your week of eating ahead

    I would set my meal plan for the week in the App and do my weekly grocery shop online to have them home delivered on Sunday (so much easier than going to the supermarket with 3 kids!). 

  • Choose meals that your family will love

    Luckily my husband loved the MWU recipes so he’d eat the same meals as me so I didn’t have to cook a whole other dinner for him. He ended up losing 6kgs over the 8 weeks by eating like me!

  • Set aside a sweet treat

    If you’re like me and love some sort of treat to eat once the kids are in bed, save something from your meal plan. I would have a Chobani Fit yoghurt with berries and nut butter and it really hit the spot.

Kiara's top tips for meal prep

  • Double your recipe portions

    I would swap my meal plan out every two days, so I would make double the portions for my lunch and dinner meals on the first day and have them over the two days. 

  • Make meal prep fun for the family

    My girls love to be involved in the kitchen and would help me prepare the meals.

  • Set up your environment for success

    Limit the number of sweets or junk food in your house. I found not having that temptation around helped me stick to the meal guide.


Tamsin and Kiara's top 10 tips for embarking on your fitness journey

  1. Make a vision board and put it somewhere you will see it throughout the day to remind you of your goals and keep you accountable.

  2. Have a daily checklist to tick off for that satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

  3. Stick to your meal guide as best as you can.

  4. Drink 3-4 litres of water a day.

  5. Train first thing in the morning every morning, so you get into a routine and don’t lose motivation throughout the day.

  6. Use lighter weights and work on technique before trying to go heavy with poor technique.

  7. If you have the energy and want to push yourself a little more, add a finisher or burnout to your workout.

  8. Perform cool down sessions from the App Library post-workout to avoid injury.

  9. Aim to hit your step goal. I went for a walk every day, even if it was just 15 minutes to hit my target of 10,000 steps.

  10. Take measurements and progress photos weekly to see the changes. Don’t go off the scales, comparing photos will show you real changes.

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