Sylvia completed my 6 Week Bikini Body Challenge.

She achieved an amazing 12kg loss in just 6 weeks.

Her testimonial:

"I went from 210lbs to 183.4lbs in 6 weeks. I haven't measured anything else but I know I've lost at least 3 inches in waist (from 35inches to 32inches) because I tried on a dress 2 sizes smaller than I was before. This is huge for me.

It was very hard to not compare my body to the other babes and their amazing results, but like you said, we are all different. And I can't be more proud of what I can do in only 6 weeks. In my youth, I was a competitive Olympic weightlifter, so for years I just thought, "Well, this is how my body just looks."

Booty challenge is next! Thank you for providing me the tools to help change how I see myself and to live more healthily."