“I joined in April this year (2018), I’ve done the 28 Day Shred, Booty 1.0 Challenge and now I’m in week 4 of the Booty 2.0 Challenge plus I’ll be doing the next TLM! From my teens, 20’s and now late 30’s I’ve been a serial yo-yo dieter skinny-fat-skinny-fat and then there’s now the healthy version of me!

Before photo was in Dec 2015. We were out jet skiing when my partner took this photo. I remember seeing this photo & thinking yuck!! Do I really look like that? I needed to make a change!

 After photo is September 2018. This girl is so much happier, healthier and mentally determined to be the best she can possibly can be!! I had tried over those years but never quite got the results I wanted! I have now learnt so much about having a healthy relationship with food/macros and a healthy mindset.

I couldn’t thank them enough for their programs and challenges, they are tough but so rewarding. I feel like I can push myself now that my fitness has improved so much! #Booty”