Rachel's 8 Week Program - Beginner
“With this 8 Week Program I have really committed and completed all 48 training sessions and stuck to the meal guide even some rest days I just wanted to train.. walking the dog I found myself doing lunges and the odd squats just because I really began to enjoy training and how it made me feel on the inside and out. ⁣
I was dedicated to this challenge from day one as it wasn't just to get fit but it was to help me become happier mentally. In the first 2 weeks I managed to beat the bloat and begin to feel more comfortable in my body, and this was down to the portion control and meal guide provided. At the halfway point I was mentally feeling a lot better and began to really see results. I am not going to lie though I became obsessive with my calorie counting and did start to feel like I was putting a lot of pressure on myself mentally about the food I was consuming (I snapped out of this very quickly though). Everything is about balance now, having completed the 8 weeks, I am stronger physically and mentally, and overall feel so much better and healthier.
The last time I completed a challenge it wasn't long enough for me as I easily fell back into my old routine but the 2 additional weeks that the 8 Week Challenge provides really pushed me further and has made this a lifestyle change, rather than just an 8 Week Challenge.⁣
Thank again to the team for your all your efforts into the app and making this a genuinely enjoyable lifestyle change.”