Move With Us
All Year Round

  • ✓ Access all Challenges and Programs.
  • ✓ Full access to MWU Meal Guides and recipes.
  • ✓ Accredited Dietitian support.
  • ✓ Exclusive 'On Demand' Pilates workouts.
  • ✓ Over $400 worth of value for $189.99.

Save over $200 a year with Platinum Membership


  • ✓ Programs tailored to your goals, whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or achieve a full body transformation.
  • ✓ Structured training Programs and Challenges with guided video demonstrations.
  • ✓ Workouts tailored to both home and gym, allowing you to workout anywhere, anytime.
  • ✓ Experience a range of training styles including Strength Training, Pilates, HIIT, Cardio and so much more!
  • ✓ Dietitian-created Meal Guides tailored to you. Catering to Gluten Free Allergy, Vegan and Vegetarian preferences.
  • ✓ Recipe library of over 1200+ nutritious recipes.
  • ✓ Ability to track your recommended macros, steps, sleep and water intake.
  • ✓ Access to all of our Giveaways.
  • ✓ First look at and chance to attend our Community Days*.


Mark your Calendars
Upcoming Challenges & Events

BBS Challenge

Member App Access: 3 April 2023

Start Date: 10 April 2023

Community Event

Date: April 28th 2023

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Build-A-Booty Challenge

Member App Access: 15 May 2023
Start Date: 22 May 2023

Bali Retreat

Date: June 2023

Sign ups have officially closed.

Challenge #5

Member App Access: 26 June 2023
Start Date: 3 July 2023

Community Event

Date: August 2023

More details to be announced soon!

Challenge #6

App Access: 11 September 2023
Start Date: 18 September 2023

Community Event

Date: November 2023

More details to be announced soon!

Challenge #7

Member App Access: 20 November 2023
Start Date: 27 November 2023


Move With Us All Year Round!

We are excited to announce we have created a membership offering to support our community with a more affordable way of moving with us all year round.

Our Platinum Membership is a 12-month commitment that can be paid upfront or re-paid in monthly instalments over 12 months.



✓ Access to all MWU Programs and Levels.
✓ Access to all Challenges, all year round.
✓ Customer Service Assistance.
*7-day cancellation period with no-payment required. If you wish to cancel after 7 days, you agree there will be a minimum of 4 monthly charges


✓ Access to all MWU Programs and Levels.
✓ Access to all Challenges, all year round.
✓ Exclusive discounts and perks including a $50 Crop Shop Boutique Discount.
✓ AfterPay available.
✓ Customer Service Assistance.

Not ready to commit to a membership. Explore our individual programs.




Access to all available MWU Programs and Levels
Access to all of our upcoming Challenges for 2023
Access to all MWU Features including Mindset, Nutrition, Tracking and so much more.
Access to all of our Giveaways
Exclusive discounts and perks ($50 Crop Shop Boutique Discount *Platinum Annual Only)

With the Platinum Annual Membership, you are only required to pay once at the beginning of your 12-month Membership Period. 

With the Platinum Annual - Recharge Monthly, you are still committing to a 12-month membership, but your payments are monthly.

Platinum Annual will be a one off payment of $189.99USD.

Platinum Monthly will be $18.99USD a month for 12 months.

Yes! You can start any Program at any time during your membership period. Program intakes occur every Monday.

No. Challenges will only be available during the Challenge period! If you are completing a Program and you want to partake in our Challenge, we recommend starting the Challenge on the given start date.

Once you complete the Challenge, you will have the ability to go back and continue your previous MWU Program or start a new one.

We will have FIVE Challenges throughout each year. We have locked in the dates, and we will release more information about upcoming Challenges closer to their Start Date.

We will be releasing our Nutrition-Only offering in early 2023.

However, with your Platinum Membership you unlock access to our customised Meal Guides tailored to your dietary requirements & goals, over 1200+ Recipes and so much more.

The codes will expire after 12 months from the Membership Purchase Date. We will send more detailed information on how to redeem each code.

For purchases from our website, you can change your mind and no payment will be required within seven (7) days of your Membership Purchase.

In the event you cancel your membership before the 12-month period, we will charge a minimum of (4) monthly charges or AUD 89.99/ USD 69.99. For In-App purchases, the cancellation will be governed by the applicable terms and conditions of that App Store.

You will continue to have access to your active Program extending the expiry date to 12 months. * Not available for Challenges. 

Trials are not available for Membership. You can trial a Program for 7 days receiving full access to the Move With Us App, including a week of workouts of your chosen Program and customised Meal Guide tailored to your dietary requirements and goals.

Absolutely! Please email the team at so we can credit your recent Program purchase towards your Membership.

For a strictly limited time only (while stocks last), you will receive a free Daily Goal Planner 2023 when you add your Membership product to your cart, but shipping & taxes will be calculated at checkout.

If a free Daily Goal Planner 2023 is not added to your cart when you add your Membership product, this unfortunately means that stocks have run out already and this free gift is no longer available. 

Our Annual Platinum Membership option will be available all year round. If you are participating in our last Challenge for 2023, and you don't have enough App Access, we WILL provide with additional days for you to complete the Challenge.