2-in-1 Booty & Core
"Before starting the Program I weighed in at the heaviest I've ever been! I ate whatever I wanted and did little to no exercise. I was in such a slump! 
The journey wasn't perfect by any means and that is okay! I have learned that you don't need to restrict yourself of the foods you love, that you can treat yourself here and there and it won't ruin your progress. I've also learned that my body no longer craves those foods that I used to eat before, that I'm most happiest fueling my body with whole nutritious foods! I'm so amazed by the results I was able to achieve during the last 6 weeks and I'm excited to say that I am currently participating in the 6 week team Bikini Challenge! I love living the lifestyle! Thank you so much to Rachel and her team for helping me get my confidence back you truly are amazing at what you do!"