6 Days of training, meditation,
health and fitness workshops.
Nutritious and delicious
meals provided daily.
Interest free,
payment plans available.


  • ✓ 6 days, 5 nights accommodation at the lush and unspoilt East Coast of Bali, Hotel Komune Resort.
  • ✓ Freshly made juices and protein smoothies, tea and coffee with meals.
  • ✓ Delicious, freshly prepared meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner daily.
  • ✓ Daily sunrise meditation practice.
  • ✓ Daily workouts inspired by our most popular Challenges and Programs and led by our expert MWU Coaches.
  • ✓ Mindset and goals session led by MWU Coaches.
  • ✓ Ice baths for recovery.
  • ✓ 24 hour snack bar.
  • And so much more...



Strictly Limited Spots
Raffle Entry
17th June 2023
Training + Nutrition
The retreat will be held at Hotel Komune Resort and Beach Club on the East Coast of Bali, running from Saturday 17th June - Thursday 22nd June 2023 (5 nights & 6 days). Check-in is from 2pm on the 17th, with activities commencing from 4pm that afternoon. As such, international travellers may want to arrive into Denpasar International Airport the day prior to ensure a stress free arrival.
The retreat costs vary dependant on your room type and configuration, ranging from Per Person $2,635 (resort Room Twin Share) through to $3,935 (Beachfront Pool Suite Single). This includes all of your meals, accommodation and activities however excludes air fares and transfers to and from the Resort. (All prices in AUD).
We have 3 rooms types at the Resort available, all are available for viewing on the Resort website. Each have a different cost of stay, however all three room types can be setup as either a Twin or Single with Single room configurations attracting a higher cost as there is only a single individual to absorb the resort room costs. The below costs are all inclusive with the exception of flights + airport transfers Resort Rooms - Single $2,935 | Twin $2,635 Komune Suite - Single $3,335 | Twin $3,135 Beachfront Pool Suites - Single $3,935 | Twin $3,435
We know how many of you are excited to join us in Bali so in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to purchase their spot on the retreat, we will be conducting a raffle.

We will open 4 separate raffles, each raffle relates to a different room type at the resort and will have its own dedicated raffle entry page. To enter the raffle is free, however your nominated payment method will be validated at point of enter in order for us to charge a non refundable, room dependant deposit fee if you are drawn as a raffle winner. The balance will be due for full payment 30 days later. You are able to enter all 4 raffles, and of course can request a change your room configuration i.e Twin > Single or Single > Twin, this will however adjust the fees payable.



We know how many of you are excited to join us in Bali so in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to purchase their spot on the retreat, we will be conducting a raffle. The raffle is open from 2pm Wednesday 19th January (PST) and closes 5am Monday 30th January (PST).

Single Resort Room

$2,935.00 AUD

Twin Resort Room

$2,635.00 AUD

Kommune Suite

$3,135.00 AUD

Beach Front Villa

$3,435.00 AUD



Your nominated payment method from your raffle entry will be charged the related deposit fee ($300 AUD for Single and $600 AUD for Twin). You will same day receive a email from EQL (the third party handling the Raffle) confirming you have been successfully drawn as a winner. In followup to this you will receive correspondence from Journey Retreats providing you with all of the details required to complete your payments and to also assist you with all booking enquiries.

Absolutely! If you win the twin room raffle, you will automatically be charged for the deposit of 2 guests and Journey Retreats will then communicate directly with you regarding the remaining payments and your guest details.

If both of you entered the raffle and are successful, you can contact Journey Retreats to be paired in the same room.

The retreat costs vary depending on your room type and configuration, ranging from Per Person $2,635 (resort Room Twin Share) to $3,935 (Beachfront Pool Suite Single). This includes all of your meals, accommodation, and activities; however, excludes airfares and transfers to and from the Resort.

In order to ensure a fair and equal opportunity for all to purchase a spot, we will be conducting an online raffle opening this Thursday 19th Jan.

Here's what you need to do to secure your spot:

1. Head to the Retreat page on our website

2. Pick your dream room - there are 4 to choose from!

3. Select your desired room and enter your payment details (no funds will be taken unless you win)

4. Keep your fingers crossed and look out for more info!

On January 30th, we'll be drawing the names of the lucky winners who'll get to join us in this tropical paradise and deposits will be processed.

Spots are strictly limited - however as room configurations and travelling guests will vary we can’t confirm the number of spots.

Absolutely - if you are drawn as a winner of a raffle, you will be removed from winning subsequent raffle draws to avoid you being charged multiple times. We are drawing the 4 draws in a specific order to give guests the maximum chance at winning, and will in-fact "BOOST" the chances of winning in your second, third or fourth draw if you were unsuccessful in your first draw (this is for a scenario where someone enters all 4).

Absolutely - the team at Journey Retreats will be able to assist with any stay extension requests, which would obviously be at a reduced daily rate to the retreat rates as it would be a Room only charge with minor inclusions such as breakfast.

Your deposit payment is non refundable as it covers the majority of the administration charges to support the booking and raffle process and the resort room hold. However if you are able to nominate a substitute guests, your deposit could be applied against their room charge and privately you could coordinate funds recovery. We suggest organising comprehensive Travel insurance as soon as you are a confirmed retreat guests to ensure you have maximum coverage for unforeseen circumstances which would also assist in recovery any cost associated with travelling too and from Hotel Komune Resort and Beach Club.

All raffle winners will immediately receive correspondence from Journey Retreats, through which you can make requests for alternative bed configurations or room types, this would however be based on availability and not guaranteed to be able to be provided. We will in all cases to everything possible to satisfy your request.

Of course not. We hope you are able to make it to every activity, workshop and exercise to get maximum value for money, however if for any reason you need to sit some activities out this is perfectly fine.

Absolutely! The menu has plenty of delicious vegan-friendly options available on each retreat as well as gluten free.

Absolutely - while you are attending a retreat, you remain a guest of Hotel Komune Resort and Beach Club and hence get access to all facilities of the resort.

Yes. The retreat is designed for travellers over the age of 18. We cater for all ages over 18 with the majority of our guest ages ranging between 18 and 40, but in saying that Journey Retreats have hosted guests up to 60 who loved it!

We love kids and understand that they’re a huge part of many peoples individual journeys! However, in the interest of managing our communities as a whole, we do need to advise that our retreats are designed for ages 18 years and over. This is to say that the retreat itself cannot cater for children, however we welcome parents or carers to attend the retreat on the basis they are able to organise adequate child minding through the resort or local service providers, or indeed if they are travelling with a partner or friend not partaking in the retreat that can provide the level of care your little one deserves!

We cannot recommend specific airlines due to the variety of airlines servicing into Denpasar International Airport and due to the variety of locations our guests are departing from.

What you need to travel to Bali (as of 22nd June 2022):

1. You will need to be double vaccinated and to download the International Vaccination Certificate.

2. You no longer require a PCR test prior to travel. You will be temperature checked on arrival and departure of Indonesia.

3. Download the Pedulilindungi App.

4. Travel insurance that covers covid related costs.

5. You will need to fill out a declaration form online prior to arrival to Denpasar Airport.

6. You will need to purchase a Visa on Arrival (VOA) which costs approx. AU$50.

7. Follow advice on Smart Traveller (for Australians) or your local country travel advice website for any updated information.

Please ensure you do thorough research based on the location you are arriving from.

The retreat kicks off in the afternoon of the first day, so there is plenty of time to arrive into Denpasar and transfer to the resort on the 17th. However many guests arrive into Denpasar a day early and then organise transfer to the resort earlier on the 17th to avoid any travel delays impacting their time at the retreat.

Yes. The retreat fee covers 5 nights accomodation. Additional nights can be easily organised by the Journey Crew at hello@journeyretreats.com.au to arrange this. 

Our training is very holistic and can be tuned up and down depending on your requirements. We specialise in progressions and regressions for all exercises in our App and we intend to do exactly the same on the retreat. In saying that, our schedule has an implied fitness level and so as a rule of thumb.

For full paying guests, cancellations, postponement or changes that are out of the guests control, an equal credit will be
applied with Journey retreats for the Guest to redeem for future travel. Should the guest wish to retain their confirmed Hotel
booking, a partial credit will be applied against Journey retreats for future redemption equal to the difference between the standard room rate and the amount paid.