Move With Us offers a membership-based service. Our membership can be purchased from the Move With Us website, Apple, and Google App Stores. 

Platinum Membership

1. You can purchase a Platinum Membership to the Move With Us mobile or digital application (App) on an annual basis;

2. You must pay the Membership Fee in accordance with the billing frequency specified at the time of purchase (Platinum Annual or Platinum Annual - Recharge Monthly).

3. The price of your Membership, as well as the currency in which your Membership is payable, will be specified during the checkout process and may vary depending on your country of residence. In addition to the Membership Fee, certain banks and card issuers may charge a foreign transaction fee on transactions that take place abroad or in a foreign currency, you are responsible for paying such fees;

4. Payment of the Membership Fee may be processed by third parties or by us on your behalf. Your payment details must be verified before your Membership can be activated.

5. Payment of the Membership Fee will be direct debited from your nominated financial institution or payment method, It is your responsibility to provide valid payment details and ensure that your payment details are up-to-date;

6. Your Platinum Annual Membership will not automatically renew. Upon the expiry of the contractual period of twelve (12) months, your access to the Move With Us mobile or digital application (App) will terminate. 

7. Your access to the Move With Us mobile or digital application (App) is conditional on you paying the Membership Fee.

In-App Purchases

1. You will be able to purchase a Move With Us Annual Platinum Membership via In-App purchases, an external platform such as Apple Store, Google Play Store, or any other similar external Application Store. 

2. Any In-App purchase is subject to the terms and conditions specified by that provider. Transactions are processed securely through the payment gateway used by the Application Store provided.

3. For any billing/payment-related issue, you must liaise directly with the Application Store provider.

Membership Cancellation and Refunds

You may cancel your Platinum Annual Membership by:

1. Following the prompts through either Apple Subscriptions or Google Play store (please note as this is a third party, we’re unable to cancel these subscriptions on your behalf). The cancellation and refund of Platinum Membership fees will be governed by the applicable terms and conditions of that App Store. 

2. In the event that you cancel your Platinum Membership before the contractual obligation of twelve (12) months, you agree there will be a minimum of four (4) monthly charges or a minimum of AUD 89.99 / USD 69.99. 

3. Where you have purchased a Platinum Membership for Move With Us mobile or digital application (App) through our website for the first time, you may change your mind and no other payment will be charged within seven (7) days of the commencement of your Membership. 

4. Upon cancellation of the Platinum Membership, you will still be entitled to access the Membership service on the Move With Us mobile or digital application (App) for the remainder of the duration that you have paid for. 

5. We do not offer refunds or store credit for unused Membership periods, accidental purchases, or any other reason or event unless we are required by law to do so.