"I'm not one to post in this group very often, but I thought I'd share a quick spill on my journey. In the photos with the purple crop top, I had just given away my AFLW gig and began running (10kms, large interval sessions etc 4x a week). I was really just running into a brick wall and in terms of my body, I felt that there was no show for my hard work. 

I started in October 2018 and have completed 28 Day Shred, Shred 6wk Challenge and now Bikini 1.0. The photos with the pink undies are from yesterday. Let's just say that I wish that what I know now, I knew back during my pursuit to play professional sport. 

There's no more guessing games about the amount or what I'm eating. I can go through my daily life trusting that what I am doing is well organised and purposeful. May I just add that I'm also an Exercise Scientist, so it just proves that it's important to seek beyond what you already know and continue to learn from trusted resources. 

All the best for what is ahead of you all this year. Remember that it extends beyond just the 6 Week Challenges 💕☺️ xx"