Rachel's 8 Week Program - Intermediate
"Before I started this Program I had been inconsistently weight training for about two years, I have reached a point in my life where I am tired of looking at other people and wishing I could obtain their physique but not really knowing how to do that. So I am incredibly thankful I found this Program! The way it is structured and presented to clients is literally a no brainer, all you have to do is follow directions and see results. Doing this 8 week Program has made me a more motivated and disciplined person. To be honest I didn't expect mental growth from this because I was only seeking physical change. However I have become way more confident not only at the gym but also in my personal life as well. I would say overall I did the best I could with these workouts despite missing a week due to having the flu, and my nutrition was probably at a 75%. I plan on repeating this Program one more time before some of the new cChallenges launch which I am very excited for. My goal is to dial in my nutrition 100% and up my weight in the gym for more strength and muscle growth. I could not be more grateful to you and your team for creating these amazing life changing Programs!!"