Challenges: 6 Week Booty 1.0 & 2.0, Bikini 3.0

"The year leading up to my first before photo I had heaps of health issues. I was always at the doctors having 63823 tests, always upset and having a crappy time in general because I never felt “well”. On top of all the health problems, I was in an unhealthy relationship with someone who would constantly make me feel shitty about my body and the way I looked. 

I joined because I wanted to get my health back and make myself feel good again. Now I feel like a whole new person. Every day I wake up and can’t wait to exercise. My outlook on life is way more positive and I’m no longer looking for external factors in life to make me happy because I am all I need. 

Consistency is key and not all changes are physical. Good things take time. Everything that is changing on the inside is way more important anyway ❤️"