“My life before this challenge was a combination of all and nothing. Either eating chicken and vegetables or thousands of calories per day. I started this challenge with my sister Tiffany Burch. She had done a previous challenge and LOVED every second of it. She asked me to join her and give it a go. I thought, why not? Can’t do any harm.

The gym part of this program I found so new and fun. I had always exercised a lot but not a lot of HIIT workouts and not consistently. I didn’t miss one workout in the 6 weeks which has made me feel alive again. I’m stronger, fitter and happier with my progress then I ever have been before. Getting up at 5.15am every morning has become my time to shine. I think however the most important part for me and I think for a lot of women who are overweight is the respect and self love I have for myself now. It’s so important to cherish, love and nurture our bodies regardless of what state they are in. I had never felt that before. I was always about the negative talk and putting myself down. I was big and I just had to be fine with that. This food plan, the motivation and workouts of this community that has been built has taught me so much and I am grateful. Grateful for my body and all it does for me!

Thank you for helping me see that I am worthy of change and providing women with such a great way to use their bodies!”