TLM 1.0
"I have always been incredibly self-conscious of my mid section, I didn’t notice how big it was until I took my before pictures. That alone was enough motivation to push me to strive for greatness. 8 weeks has gone quick and I’m more confident, stronger & fitter than ever. 8 weeks later, 8 kilos down. I went from having rolls to what I didn’t think was possible, but I can now see some abs coming through!
Rachel’s Programs are amazing, the food choices are very accommodating, and the training sessions are challenging which I love! From crying when seeing my before photos to now being so proud to show off my body and my transformation pictures to others, I have gained so much confidence in myself.
I cannot speak more highly of Rachel’s Programs, if you look at the price and doubt it, it is worth every single cent!! This won’t be my last Challenge and I cannot wait to see where I can push myself to next. Thank you so much to Rachel and the girls, I couldn’t have done this without your support and amazing knowledge of health & fitness!"