Amanda has recently completed our 6 Week Shred Challenge and achieved this amazing results.

Here's her testimonial:

"I started this journey at 64.0kg, very unhappy with my body, in a constant negative mindset towards exercise, and VERY BLOATED due to my unhealthy relationship with food.

Fast track 6 weeks, and I’m sitting now at 61.9kg. I’m happier, more confident, and stronger than I’ve ever felt. These 6 weeks were not easy in the slightest! But I was able to push through them with the support of my wonderful partner, you girls, and each member of the community continually inspiring me to just do my best.

I did have my downfalls and my second last week was FULL of cheat meals - but I quickly felt unhappy and was grumpy all the time. I literally WANTED to eat the meal plans and loved the workouts in the final week! This challenge has been that much needed restart button for me and the changes I see in myself now, when compared to day 1, have only motivated me to keep going. Thank you Rachel and the Team!"