This high-intensity Program from Move With Us Coach, Morgan Moroney, allows you to enjoy a variety of training styles.

Kick start your journey with 28 days of different workouts, and continue to enjoy all features of our App for 3 months!


What is MOVE28?

MOVE28 is a 28-day Program that you can complete in the gym or at home. You will experience a combination of strength sessions, functional and gymnastics conditioning, mobility work, outdoor cardio and core challenges.

Each week includes 7 days of different workouts, ranging from 30-60 minutes.

What will I achieve with MOVE28? 

MOVE28 focuses on introducing you to a variety of training styles to discover a form of movement that you love.

This Program will help you to improve overall strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance.

If you’re ready to commit to becoming a fitter, healthier, happier version of yourself, you’ve found the right program!

What equipment is required? 

A set of dumbbells
A bench or sturdy furniture
Booty bands
Power bands
A skipping rope
An exercise ball
A foam roller
A stretching stick/broom
A yoga mat


It has been such a wonderful opportunity to be coached by you, and to know how much you truly care about us and our progress. I know this has and will continue to change lives for many women all over the world.

- Isabelle S.

I struggle with mobility and consistent training because I get bored or forget, but having Morgan include it within the workouts ensured I stuck with it and felt huge improvements as a result.

- Danielle D.

Thank you so much for pushing us, and showing us how amazing we can be! I appreciate how active you have been in our journey, and feel so grateful to you for showing us your way of training! ❤️

- Julie F.

The MOVE28 Program has weekly intakes starting every Monday!

For only $49.99, you'll receive 3-months access to the MWU App, allowing you to continue your fitness journey.