Take Your Fitness to the Next Level with FIT 3.0

Take Your Fitness to the Next Level with FIT 3.0

Are you ready to take your FITness to the next level?

We are so excited to bring you a brand new Level 3 of our FIT Program, designed to help you burn fat and achieve a full body transformation in just 4 weeks.

FIT is our most popular program for first-timers wanting to kickstart their health and fitness journey with Move With Us, and has helped transformed the lives of 1000's of women around the world. 

If your goals include burning fat, tightening your core, shaping lean legs, and toning your physique, then FIT is the perfect program for you.

This 4-week Program provides you with access to short, sharp workouts that feature a full-body approach to weighted circuit style training.

You'll receive access to both home and gym workouts which you can switch between at any time, so you can complete this program anywhere you choose.

What training can you expect?

Our FIT Level 3 Program has been inspired by our former Move With Rachel Challenge. The training blocks have been reworked to bring you 4 unique weeks of the most effective training styles for this new Level.

The training focuses on shaping your glutes and legs, tightening your core, and defining your upper body, with a mix of resistance-focused workouts, sculpting circuits, HIIT and LISS cardio, and core challenges, ranging from 40-60 minutes.

You'll receive a training plan including 6 days of workouts per week, however you can customise and rearrange your Workout Planner to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Check out the weekly training split:

Monday: Lower Body Weighted

(Focus: Glutes, Hamstrings & Quads)

Tuesday: HIIT or LISS Cardio & Core Challenge

Wednesday: Full Body Weighted

(Focus: Hamstrings, Shoulders & Triceps)

Thursday: Glutes Weighted

Friday: Upper Body Weighted

(Focus: Shoulders, Back & Biceps)

Saturday: Full Body Workout

(Focus: Quads, Back, Chest & Obliques)

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

FIT Full Body Burner  

To get a taste of what's in store for FIT Level 3, give one of the Full Body Weighted workouts a go.

The goal is to complete as many rounds as you can in 45 minutes. As a guide, you should be aiming to complete 3+ rounds within the 45-minute period.

We've got 10 exercises, for 10 reps each. Take 90 seconds rest in between each set.

Set your timer, and let's get into it!

Duration: 45 minutes
Equipment: Barbell, Bench, Set of Dumbbells, Med Ball, Yoga Mat

A1. Barbell Box Squats: 10 reps

A2. Barbell Box Squat To Jump: 10 reps

A3. Dumbbell Curl To Press: 10 reps

A4. Narrow To Wide Push Ups: 10 reps

A5. Med Ball Overhead Alternating Side Lunges: 10 reps

A6. Med Ball Slams: 10 reps

A7. Med Ball Slam Burpees: 10 reps

A8. Med Ball Plank Taps: 10 reps

A9. Bench Dragonflys: 10 reps

A10. Bench Oblique Leg Lifts: 10 reps

Loved this sweat session and want more? Our 4 Week FIT Program is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level.

If you're ready to burn fat and achieve a full body transformation, Fit is for you!