How to burn calories FAST

Want to burn calories as efficiently as possible?

Trust us, restrictive dieting and endless cardio are not the way! There are much more efficient approaches to reaching your goals, without depriving yourself of your favourite foods or spending hours on a treadmill.

Today, you will find out how to burn calories fast, based on years of research and personal experience from our very own Move With Us coach Rachel Dillon 🔥

Achieving a calorie deficit efficiently

DON'T: engage in restrictive cardio

We’ve all either been there, or at the very least have witnessed someone spending hours on cardio equipment in hopes to burn as much energy as possible.

While there is nothing wrong with an occasional long cardio session if you enjoy it, training like this consistently is incredibly time consuming, and can also be very draining and tiring.

DO: incorporate aerobic exercise in moderation

If not hours of cardio, then what? 🤔

One option is incorporating high intensity interval training (HIIT). The idea here is to give a series of exercises your maximum effort for a short time interval (usually within 1 minute), followed by a brief period of rest...and then repeat until your session is complete.

When done correctly, HIIT sessions are incredibly challenging and time-efficient - all while also burning lots of calories fast! Not only that, but your body also continues burning energy after the session is complete.

Due to its intense nature, HIIT is not for everyone - but if you’re able to, incorporating a couple of HIIT sessions each week can help increase energy expenditure.

Here’s a killer HIIT workout from Rachel for you to try:

DON’T: avoid strength training

Aerobic training is still perceived as a primary exercise style for burning energy - but don't forget you need resistance workouts too.

Strength training results in increased energy expenditure after exercise, as well as helps preserve and grow muscle - which helps consistently burn more calories at rest.

Here’s a great glutes-focused weighted session!

DO: structure your workouts to burn more energy

Adding finishers and burnout challenges to your resistance training sessions is a great strategy to maximise energy expenditure.

Try this tough burnout challenge at the end of your next workout 💦:
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@bodiesbyrachel BURNOUTS🔥 . I honestly was not in the mood to train so I decided to trial 3 of our burnouts.... um WOW🥵 Took me less then 30mins and I honestly LOVED it! Sometimes it’s just about turning up and having fun with your training😎 TRY THESEEEEE💦 FULL BODY BURNOUT🔥 1️⃣15x DB THRUSTERS (MAX WEIGHT) 2️⃣20x JUMPING LUNGES 3️⃣12x DB THRUSTERS (DECREASE WEIGHT) 4️⃣16x JUMPING LUNGES 5️⃣10x DB THRUSTERS (DECREASE WEIGHT) 6️⃣14x JUMPING LUNGES BOOTY BURNOUT🔥 1️⃣DS 10, 10, 10, 10, 10x BB HIP THRUSTS SHOULDER BURNOUT🔥 1️⃣20x PLANK RAISES 2️⃣16x SHOULDER TAPS 3️⃣20x MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 4️⃣16x PLANK TAPS @bodiesbyrachel ❤️

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DON'T: implement restrictive diets

Dropping your calories extremely low seems like a shortcut to creating a calorie deficit - however, it’s not something we would ever recommend!

This only results in intense cravings, yo-yo dieting and ultimately falling off the wagon. In addition, under-eating can be damaging to your health.

Instead, it’s best to implement a more reasonable deficit and adhere to a sustainable approach to losing fat. After all, why restrict when you can enjoy delicious dishes and reach your goals?

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DO: stay active throughout the day

A simple yet effective strategy for manipulating your energy balance is adjusting the amount of physical activity you do throughout the day outside of structured training.

If you want to boost calorie burn, move around more during the day, go on regular walks and spend less time seated. Simple tweaks can go a very long way - becoming a great alternative to reducing your calories to unsustainable levels.


We hope you found these tips helpful and look forward to training with you!