Why you should EVOLVE with us in 2022

Why <em>you</em> should <em>EVOLVE</em> with us in 2022

It wouldn’t be the New Year without a New Year challenge. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the first MWU Challenge of 2022 - EVOLVE Challenge. Unlike any other challenge held by MWU before, EVOLVE will see you enjoy 4 complete training styles for the price of one challenge.

Yep, that’s right, you will have access to 4 different training styles: Strength, 30 Min Express, At Home and Mobility and you’ll be able to alternate between the 4, anytime!

The power is in your hands in 2022. No matter what your goal is, EVOLVE is suitable to all fitness levels and will see you join us on a 6-week health and fitness journey where you will evolve your mindset, lifestyle and training. 

4 training styles available in EVOLVE


Looking to increase total body strength, improve your body composition and enhance your cardiovascular fitness? Start with Strength!

Our Coaches have worked with highly-accredited Exercise Physiologist, Dr Tony Boutagy, to bring you a brand new strength program that is guaranteed to elevate your fitness journey. 

You'll enjoy a variety of 60-90 minute, gym-based workouts designed to help you build confidence in your lifts and progressively hit new PBs. This style of training is best suited to intermediate to advanced lifters.

Take a look at a sample workout split below!

30 Min Express

Say hello to a brand new training style at Move With Us! You asked, and we listened. We've introduced 30 Min Express workouts to ensure you have access to effective workouts to complete anytime. 

The mix of resistance and circuit-style workouts are designed for high energy expenditure, giving you maximum results in a shorter period.

By completing these gym-based workouts, you will focus on sculpting your lower body and building a strong core. 

Take a look at a sample workout split below!


At Home

If there's one thing we learned in 2021, it's that effective workouts can be completed anytime, anywhere.

With access to all four training styles as part of this ultimate challenge, we simply had to include a brand new home workout option for you. 

These workouts are best suited to those looking to increase strength, improve their fitness level and achieve a full-body transformation from home.

Take a look at a sample workout split below!


Mobility matters. As part of our best ever challenge experience, we have provided you with movements to enhance your range of motion and improve your all-round performance in functional fitness.

It's time to squat deeper, move better and push harder on your quest to achieve your goals. The mobility-focused workouts will aid in building muscle, increase your range of motion, flexibility, relieve muscle tension and enhance joint mobility. 

Take a look at a sample workout split below!

What's included in this challenge?

  • Weekly check-ins 
  • Printable Accountability Chart
  • Dedicated EVOLVE Challenge Customer Care Partner
  • Access to 4x training styles
  • 6 months app access to ALL app features 
  • Customised meal guides and personalised nutrition targets
  • Live workouts and Q&As from Rachel, Emma and Morgan
  • Ability to select your preferred number of training days 

But that's not all. When you sign up to the challenge, you can refer a friend to move with and enter the running to win $5,000 cash ($2,500 each). Plus, your friend will receive a 10% discount! Evolutions are easier together.

Will there be a prize?

Bali Vacation or $10,000 cash - the power is in your hands!

We're choosing one lucky winner to unlock a luxury travel experience not only for themselves, but for 13 friends. This prize is valued at $15,000 and includes: Flights for you + and a friend. 7-nights accommodation at a 5 Star Villa in Bali, Indonesia. This 7-bedroom paradise is all yours to enjoy. Plus, you have the option to invite your friends to enjoy the stay! Enjoy a private dinner and massages throughout your stay.

Travel dates are flexible to anytime in 2022 (pending availability), so you can select your dates and look forward to the trip-of-a-lifetime.

Prefer $10,000 AUD of cold, hard cash? The choice is yours!

Your EVOLVE Challenge Customer Care Partner

For the first time ever, we are giving you additional support and guidance with your very own EVOLVE Challenge Customer Care Partner. 

Your Customer Care Partner will be able to assist you with:

  • Training questions
  • Challenge Enquiries
  • App support 
  • Nutrition questions
  • Mindset guidance
  • Motivation tips
  • Exercise specific tips

Keep an eye on your inbox, as you will receive an email from your EVOLVE Challenge Customer Care Partner closer to the Challenge start date. 

Places for our EVOLVE Challenge have now closed as the challenge has officially started. 

However we have a variety of programs that are available all year round, with a new intake starting every Monday. 

Explore our range of programs suited to all fitness goals and experience levels, and start your journey today.