Spotlight on BBS Transformations & Client Journeys

<em>Spotlight</em> on BBS Transformations & Client Journeys

Looking to join the Challenge that has helped to transform the lives of 150,000+ women worldwide?

Whether your goal is to achieve fat loss (opt for Full Body Burn), to grow your glutes (check out Team Build), or to achieve a full body transformation (you're looking at Total Body Sculpt) - this is the Challenge experience you need to help you transform in just 6 weeks!

Keep reading to discover why this is our most popular Challenge to date, as our  MWU Community share their experience with our BBS Challenge.

Meet Helen



Helen participated in our BBS Challenge back in March 2021, completing her Total Body Sculpt (Formerly Team Bikini) training from home.

She shares that she not only transformed physically, but mentally too. Through the tougher days, Helen was driven by discipline, not motivation, to keep consistent with her training, and never missing a workout!

Helen was mostly consistent with her nutrition, but listened to her body when she needed that extra fuel to keep her going. 

We've listed Helen's biggest takeaways from participating in our 6 Week BBS Challenge and we must share them with you!

1️⃣ "I'm full of life - I want to get up each day and do something for myself.
2️⃣ I'm taking care of myself - I even have a skincare routine for the first time in my life!
3️⃣ I'm enjoying more time with my kids - they want to move with me, cook with me and I'm happier running and playing with them. 

4️⃣ I'm focusing on the present and small wins each day rather than worrying about the end goal. The daily mindset work and weekly challenges from Alexis have been great for this. 
5️⃣ I'm so much stronger already."

We are extremely proud of the progress Helen's achieved in such a short, time-frame.

Meet Nondu



After a set back from an ankle injury, Nondu had lost all motivation. However, she signed up to participate in our March 2021 BBS Challenge, selecting Full Body Burn (Formerly Team Shred).

Prior to starting our 6 week Challenge, Nondu knew her biggest challenge of all would be her nutrition. However, with the support from the MWU App and nutrition content, Nondu was able to find balance in her diet, transforming her relationship with food.

Nondu was also a huge fan of the mindset tasks set by Neuroscientist, Alexis Fernandez-Preiksa. Through changing her mindset and approach towards health and fitness, Nondu found herself looking forward to her daily sweat sessions and meal prep days!

We are so proud of your comeback Nondu, and look forward to continuing your journey with MWU.

If you're looking to get back on track with your fitness journey post-injury, and have been cleared by your doctor and/or health-specialist, our MWU App includes an Exercise Swap tool which gives you exercise regressions and swap options to keep you moving.

Meet Angelica



Angelica is one of our MWU Ambassadors, and completed her first ever Challenge with us joining the Total Body Sculpt (Formerly Team Bikini) in our 6 week BBS Challenge back in March 2021. She completed her entire Challenge from home.

She shares that these were the most challenging, yet rewarding 6 weeks for her. Throughout this Challenge period, she moved cities, and unfortunately lost 3 family members to COVID.

Angelica says:

"The Challenge showed me that by focusing on things I can control (my mindset, my diet, my workouts) that I can overcome anything. This is the first Challenge, I've ever fully completed and I am so proud of myself.

Rachel and the MWU team literally saved my life through this journey and the community they've built."

Angelica has continued her journey with MWU, joining multiple Challenges, and  shares that throughout her journey she has gained confidence, developed a healthier mindset around food, and a greater appreciation for her body.

We are in awe of your journey Angelica!

Meet Josephine



Josephine kicked off her MWU Journey with our 6 week BBS Challenge at the start of 2021, joining Lower Body Build (Formerly Team Booty) and absolutely loved it!

Josephine says:

"You [MWU] have gained a forever participant. I'm so impressed with the App, the workouts, the meal guides, the community... EVERYTHING!"

Josephine's biggest takeaway was that she didn't give up and continued to challenge herself throughout the 6 weeks.

We are so proud of you Josephine!

Meet Kali



Kali kicked off 2021 with our 6 week BBS Challenge, joining Full Body Burn (Formerly Team Shred) and completed her all workouts from home.

After a very tough and stressful year, Kali found herself gaining more confidence and energy throughout the Challenge.

And thanks to the love, support, and guidance from the MWU Community, Kali transformed her mindset and left the Challenge feeling radiant, confident, and assured.

We loved sharing this journey with Kali, and seeing her achieve her goals!

Feeling inspired, but still not sure which team is best for you? We've got you covered!

Keep reading to discover more about our teams below. 

🔥 Full Body BURN (formerly Team Shred)

If you’re looking to lose body fat and improve your overall body composition, this is the Challenge team for you!

Enjoy a training split with a variety of workouts designed to help you achieve your fat loss goals, including:

  • Full body HIIT circuits

  • Weighted upper and lower body training to build a strong foundation

  • A mix of high and low intensity cardio sessions

No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, you can enjoy our Full Body Burn Challenge team with access to 4 Rounds!

🏋️‍♀️ Lower Body BUILD (Formerly Team Booty)

If your primary goal is to build strong legs and grow your glutes, this is the Challenge team for you!

Lower Body Build has got the perfectly balanced training split to help you grow and define your lower body, without neglecting workouts to also target your upper body.

Not only will you experience various hip thrust and squat combos to build the booty, but you will also enjoy a mix of: 

  • Strength-based workouts
  • Lower and upper body sculpting sessions
  • Core-focused circuits
  • Cardio options

We have four rounds to choose from based on your training experience so far.

👙 Total Body SCULPT (Formerly Team Bikini)

If you’re looking to achieve a full body transformation, this is the Challenge team for you!

Over 6 weeks of intense training, you'll focus on increasing your total body and core strength, whilst working to achieve a defined, feminine shape with weighted workouts, sculpting sessions, core and stability work, and HIIT and cardio circuits.

Get ready to enjoy a variety of workouts, including:

  • Weighted workouts
  • Sculpting sessions
  • Core strengthening and stability work
  • High-intensity circuits, and cardio sessions

And just like the other Challenge teams, we’ve got an option for everybody with access to 5 different rounds to suit your fitness level.

Mark your calendars because... Our 6 Week BBS Challenge is back for one more time, before the year ends!

Sign-ups will open on October 5th at 8AM AEST with the Challenge officially starting on Monday, October 24th.

Don't miss your chance to join! 🔥