Spotlight Client Transformations of 2021

Spotlight Client Transformations of 2021

2021 has been a year of many changes and many challenges, but has also brought so many valuable lessons and evolutions.

It's been so incredible to watch our community stay strong through all the obstacles thrown our way, and come together to support and celebrate one another more than ever.

We feel beyond grateful to have been able to help empower and transform the lives, minds and bodies of such strong and inspiring women from all around the world. 

So as this year comes to end, we want to take a moment to spotlight some of the amazing women who have transformed their lifestyles through the Move With Us Challenges of 2021.

Here's a recap of the incredible year that was ❤️

We kicked off January with a bang, starting with our New Year Challenge. As always, we were blown away by the incredible transformations from our community and their inspiring stories of the barriers they'd overcome, new feats climbed, and limits pushed.

Our New Year Challenge winner Natalie achieved an incredibly impressive physical transformation throughout her 8 week journey, towards her goal to build muscle and increase strength.


Natalie said "I loved the experience and seeing my body transform before my eyes. For my goal of Muscle Gain, I was eating at a surplus at 2000 calories in my Build Challenge. I trusted the process of the program and had amazing results in the end!" 

Our New Year Challenge runner up Mesepa, also had such a transformative journey in 2021. Since joining Move With Us she completely evolved her lifestyle, built positive new habits and shifted her mindset.

Mesepa said her 
challenge gave her all the tools she needed to be set up for a long-term journey beyond the 6 weeks, that has now turned into her new lifestyle.

"My Challenge equipped and empowered me with the right education and tools to set me up for a win long-term, especially as a beginner. 

I've made tremendous growth in educating myself about food, moving my body, exercises I’ve never done before, mindset, self-care and I realised I was still unhappy with my body and where I was in my journey because my focus was on my body and how it looked.

I shifted my focus to be MORE on how I see myself and speak to myself, my mindset, and learning to celebrate my wins and being kind to myself, and I started growing in a new direction making my health journey more about my overall health.

Since focusing on my journey as a whole (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) I’ve enjoyed and been so proud of my progress, not because of how I looked, but because of the things I’ve achieved, and being able to pour that back into others has been such a JOY. 

New roads lead to beautiful destinations! I love that this is my community by choice". 

Mesepa says the best is yet to come. We can't wait to see what incredible feats she will continue to achieve in 2022!

Another standout member from our New Year Challenge, Eirika, documented her physical progress over 56 days by taking a photo each day of her challenge.

Check out her incredible transformation - a true reflection of all the hard work she put in day by day. Always remember, little by little, a little becomes a lot! 

Eirika said she fell in love with the gym workouts in the Build Challenge and pushed herself further than she ever could have imagined.⁣

⁣"It had been a long time since I had stepped foot in a gym and I was pretty nervous, but the videos and exercise instructions in the App made it so easy to follow along, and I quickly gained confidence.

My body has completely transformed. As soon as I increased my calories and started lifting heavy I started getting results, and I have consistently been seeing progress. I have been tracking my body composition, and the progress has completely blown my mind.

This challenge has been really transformational for me, and has allowed me to get back into a consistent healthy routine. I feel strong, healthy, and so empowered.

I love the supportive community of women working together, this really is an incredible tribe!"

We had the honour of watching our community grow and transform for so long, and it was finally our turn to evolve. 
In April, we started an exciting new chapter with a huge transformation of our own, evolving from Bodies By Rachel into Move With Us. 

Our first Move With Us Challenge saw so many clients achieve as amazing results as ever, with the introduction of brand new training styles and welcoming onboard our new Coach Morgan Moroney. 

The Move With Rachel Challenge winner, Scarlett, dropped an impressive 7kgs and 30cms in just 8 weeks, but her transformation went well beyond just physical changes! S
he created positive new habits to help embrace health and fitness into her lifestyle for the longterm. 

Scarlett was 5 months postpartum when she took on the challenge. She says, "As a serial binge eater and yo-yo dieter, my goal was to learn how to eat a balanced diet daily, so I can teach my daughter a healthy lifestyle. 

I stuck with my nutrition 80% and trained 4-5 times a week in the gym. I am finally on the right track of eating well and exercise weekly without falling off the bandwagon". 

We are so proud of Scarlett's dedication to her personal goals and growth while juggling the commitments of early motherhood!

Our Move With Morgan winner, Carissa, went into her challenge with four skill based goals; to be able to hold a handstand for 1 minute, do an unassisted pull-up, comfortably run 5km, and improve her flexibility in poses.

Carissa absolutely smashed her challenge and successfully ticked off all of her goals over the 8 weeks. 

Carissa shares some valuable insights from her experience. "If I've learnt anything from this challenge, it's that life happens. Take the punches and roll with it! 

1. Your body fluctuates - that's normal! 

2. Physical changes don't equate to performance changes. So many girls are happy that they focus on physical rather than scale changes, but I also want to say that measuring your work can be the best measurement of strength. I look pretty much the same, but I can now do unassisted pull ups, a 5km run, a 60s handstand, and more!

3. I've found it way more rewarding and exciting to train for performance goals instead. Really shifts the focus from output to input!"

Our third remarkable winner, Emma, said the Move With Emma Challenge changed her life for the better.

Emma completed her challenge training entirely from home with minimal equipment, proving that you CAN achieve incredible changes without a gym or lots of equipment. 

She said, "I use to hate exercising but now I love starting my day with a workout. I'm thrilled with my results and how easy it made life for me. I'm a busy mum of two under 3 and I loved the fact that I didn't have to plan my meals or workouts, it's all done for me". 

We are so beyond proud of all the strong and inspiring women in the Move With Us Community that have been apart of our challenges this year, and made the commitment and dedication to being their very best selves.

Not only have our clients transformed their physical capabilities and strength through their challenges, they've built a wealth of confidence and made invaluable transformations in their relationship with food, and their overall wellbeing and mindset too.

If you're feeling inspired and ready to achieve a full body transformation, create positive lifestyle changes, or simply take on a new challenge, we're here to show you what you're truly capable of achieving.

The MWU Coaches and our expert Team of accredited dietitians and trainers are here to guide and support you, every step of the way on your journey to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Begin your journey today to make 2022 the year that changes everything.