Burn, Build, Sculpt Challenge - All You Need to Know

Burn, Build, Sculpt Challenge - All You Need to Know


Our most popular BBS Challenge is here and it’s better than ever! 🔥

Formerly known as Bikini, Booty & Shred, our 6 Week BBS Challenge has already helped transform the lives of over 150,000 women around the world, and we’re not done yet.

With a fresh new look, say hello to Full Body BURN (formerly Team Shred), Lower Body BUILD (formerly Team Booty), and Total Body SCULPT (formerly Team Bikini), and experience our most effective transformation journey.

Each Challenge Team incorporates specific training methods and rounds of intensity that are designed to help you achieve the ultimate transformation that aligns with your goals. Whether you’re looking to achieve fat loss goals, grow your glutes, or create a full body transformation, this is the Challenge experience you’ve been waiting for.

Our BBS Challenge is equal parts of fun and tough. We promise these workouts will have you smiling one minute, gruelling through the booty burn the next, then glowing from head to toe again from those post-workout endorphins!

So which Team will you choose?

🔥 Full Body BURN (formerly Team Shred)

If you’re looking to lose body fat and improve your overall body composition, this is the Challenge team for you!

Enjoy a training split with a variety of workouts designed to help you achieve your fat loss goals, including:

  • Full body HIIT circuits

  • Weighted upper and lower body training to build a strong foundation

  • A mix of high and low intensity cardio sessions

No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, you can enjoy our Full Body Burn Challenge team with access to 4 Rounds, including a brand new option!

Full Body Burn 4.0 is the next progression, for the advanced trainers who are looking to push themselves further than ever before with an effective training and nutrition approach to achieve fat loss. Round 4 focuses on incorporating a balance of full-body circuits, targeting primary muscle groups in each workout, plus a mix of high-intensity and low-intensity cardio sessions to create an increase in energy expenditure.

Here’s a closer look at the style of training you can expect during the first training block of the new round of Full Body Burn ⌛

🏋️‍♀️ Lower Body BUILD (Formerly Team Booty)

If your primary goal is to build strong legs and grow your glutes, this is the Challenge team for you!

Lower Body Build has got the perfectly balanced training split to help you grow and define your lower body, without neglecting workouts to also target your upper body.

Not only will you experience various hip thrust and squat combos to build the booty, but you will also enjoy a mix of: 

  • Strength-based workouts
  • Lower and upper body sculpting sessions
  • Core-focused circuits
  • Cardio options

We have four rounds to choose from based on your training experience so far, including a fiery NEW Round 4 for those who are up for the challenge.

Lower Body Build 4.0 is for those who enjoy strength-based training to build muscle and primarily target their lower body. With an even greater emphasis on the glutes and lower body, Round 4 includes three lower body focused workouts into the weekly split, using advanced training methods such as drop sets and pyramid sets to take your fitness game to the next level. But still includes a variety of upper body workouts, sculpting sessions and cardio options.

Here’s what you’re in for with a sneak peek from the brand new Round 4  🏋️‍♀️

⌛ Total Body SCULPT (Formerly Team Bikini)

If you’re looking to achieve a full body transformation, this is the Challenge team for you!

Over 6 weeks of intense training, you'll focus on increasing your total body and core strength, whilst working to achieve a defined, feminine shape with weighted workouts, sculpting sessions, core and stability work, and HIIT and cardio circuits.

Get ready to enjoy a variety of workouts, including:

  • Weighted workouts
  • Sculpting sessions
  • Core strengthening and stability work
  • High-intensity circuits, and cardio sessions

And just like the other Challenge teams, we’ve got more to offer with a BRAND NEW Round of Total Body Sculpt!

Total Body Sculpt 5.0 is for the experienced trainers who are ready to take their training to a whole new level with a mix of training styles, including advanced training methods, such as pyramids, drop sets, and wave loading. But still includes a mix of the popular body sculpting sessions and core strength work, as well as some brand new workout challenges and a focus on improving your mobility too.

Here’s a closer look at the style of training you can expect during the first training block of the new round of Team Sculpt ⌛

Pick the perfect Round, for YOU!

No matter if this is your very first Challenge, or you’ve done them all, we’ve got rounds suited for every level of experience!

These options are guaranteed to take your training and fitness to the next level.

ROUND 1: Perfect for beginners or intermediate ladies who are completing a Challenge with us for the first time.

ROUND 2: A great intermediate level for experienced trainers, or ladies who have completed a Challenge with us before.

ROUND 3: The ideal round for advanced trainers looking to take it up a level for a serious Challenge.

ROUND 4: We recommend this round for the expert trainers who have completed Round 3 previously, or those who have experience, not just with training, but with various training methods. We are excited to bring a brand new Round 4 for our Full Body Burn Challenge team and Lower Body Build Challenge team.

ROUND 5: This is our most challenging round yet, with new advanced training methods introduced! This round is exclusive to our Total Body Sculpt Challenge team. We recommend this round to those who have at least a years’ training experience or have completed the previous rounds. 

But the best part of it all is that no matter whether you choose to start with Round 1 or are up for the challenge with our newest Rounds, you will have access to ALL rounds of your chosen Challenge team!

What can you achieve in just 6 weeks? Let’s find out!

Here’s our past Challenge winners share some inspiring testimonies 😍 And you can see why the BBS Challenge is our most popular Challenge still to date!

✨  FALON completed our Full Body Burn (formerly Team Shred) Challenge, from home! 

"I am super proud of my progress. And why I feel like I've finally finished and succeeded at a Challenge this time round, is from finally understanding macros and having the ability to eat enjoyable foods without the guilt. I keep a positive mindset, and set short term goals to keep me on track and motivated"⁣⁣

✨ KYRA completed our Lower Body Build (formerly Team Booty) Challenge, also entirely from home - proving that you CAN build the peach of your dreams outside of the gym with the right training.

"Starting this challenge I was a little worried that an at-home challenge wouldn’t allow me to have great results, but wow... I was completely wrong!

I was determined to give it my all, I completely 100% stuck to my meal plan and I feel great. It shows what a healthy lifestyle does for the body and mind too! I can’t thank the whole team enough for all that they do, putting together these amazing and fun challenges! I loved doing every workout a lot and they don’t take a lot of time. I completed them every morning before I started working. So basically I just love everything!"

✨ RUTH completed our Total Body Sculpt (formerly Team Bikini) Challenge, whilst rediscovering her love and passion for the gym!

"During this challenge, I was able to push myself not only in the gym, but mentally with discipline. This challenge increased my strength and has made me fall in love with the gym again. I was able to see my body transform with the workouts and guided nutrition. I was able to overcome my negative relationship with nutrition. I was challenged to not only feed my body right, but also have treats without feeling guilty and losing physical progress." 

Check out more inspiring transformations from past participants here – and discover why the BBS Challenge is our most popular Challenge experience still to date!

So whether your goal is fat loss, to build strong legs and grow your glutes, or to achieve a full body transformation, this is the Challenge experience you’ve been waiting for! But if that’s not enough inspiration to get you motivated, how about a prize? 🏆

There’s $10,000 up for grabs in this Challenge!

You heard right! There will be $10,000 in CASH PRIZES to be won.

We will be selecting 3 Challenge winners, to celebrate the most meaningful transformation to occur throughout this 6 week experience.

At Move With Us, we celebrate progress in all forms! Simply share updates from your journey with the hashtag #bbschallenge, or via our client survey, to share the positive changes that you make as part of this Challenge.

You've got to be in it to win it!

🏆 1st place = $5,000AUD

🏆 2nd place = $3,500AUD

🏆 3rd place = $1,500AUD




Your Challenge will be run exclusively through the MWU App, with all the tools to help you reach your goals and change your life forever.

The MWU App will be your new best friend. She’s your very own personal trainer, dietitian, sues chef, motivational hype girl and mindset coach, all in the palm of your hand.

By joining the BBS Challenge you’ll receive:

  • Daily guided workouts with interchangeable home and gym options

  • Customised meal guides tailored to your daily nutrition targets and preferences. We cater for all dietary requirements (Vegan, Vegetarian, Red Meat Free, Dairy Free, & More!)

  • Access to 1000+ delicious, macro-friendly recipes to fuel your body

  • 6 months App access to ALL rounds of your chosen Challenge team

  • Daily progress tracking, goal setting, gratitude & reflection tasks

  • Weekly check-ins, plus support and guidance from our Team of Accredited Dietitian’s and expert Trainers

  • Support from the MWU community of like-minded women from all over the world

  • Enjoy printable Accountability Charts

But wait, we’re not done yet…

For the first time in MWU history, we’re giving you the chance to SAVE 20% when you secure your challenge spot. This offer will be valid for the first 24 HOURS ONLY. You don’t want to miss it! 

Join our pre-register list to receive early access when sign-ups open and be one of the first to secure your spot. Plus we can’t forget to mention when you pre-register you enter the draw to WIN A FREE one year gym membership for you and a friend. You don’t want to miss this!


We answer the commonly asked questions below:

When can I sign up? ⏰

Sign-ups will officially open on March 9th at 9AM AEST.

In the meantime, pre-registration is now open and we're giving you more reasons to move with us. 

Pre-register for our BBS Challenge and receive early access to a 20% launch discount, which will only be valid for 24 hours. Plus, go in the draw to WIN A FREE one year gym membership for you and a friend.

When can I access my Challenge in the MWU App? 📲

You’ll receive access to your Challenge in the MWU App on April 4th, one week prior to the Challenge starting, giving you plenty of time to fill out your questionnaire, choose your goal and get to know your way around the MWU App before Day 1.

The Challenge officially kicks off Monday, April 11th, so mark your calendar and get ready to go!  

Which goal should I choose? 💪

When you get started in the MWU App, you’ll have the option to select Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, or Both as your goal for this Challenge.

Choose Fat Loss if: Your main goal is to reduce your body fat and get leaner. You’ll be in a moderate calorie deficit, meaning you’ll be burning more energy than you’re consuming.

Choose Both if: You want to achieve steady fat loss while preserving muscle, or maintain a sculpted physique while you transition between Fat Loss and Muscle Gain.

Choose Muscle Gain if: You’re looking to increase your lean muscle mass. You’ll be in a calorie surplus, meaning you’ll be consuming slightly more than you burn, giving you the fuel you need to grow that muscle!

What Equipment will I need? 🏋️‍♂️

You’ll find everything you need to transform in the gym, but if you’re working out at home we recommend the following pieces of equipment: 

You can shop our staple home and gym equipment on our website.

Any more questions?

Our MWU Team is always here to help keep you accountable, and provide you with all the support and guidance that you need to succeed ❤️

If you have any further questions about this Challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@movewithus.com 📧 or click the chat button to talk to our friendly Team today → 

The countdown is on! 🗓️