Why Our Nutrition Is The Best: New Updates FAQ

Hey Fitness Sisters! ❤️️

At Move With Us, our ultimate goal is for you to succeed on your journey - meaning we always want to provide you with the most effective tools to create a sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle that brings serious results.

Behind the scenes, we never stop challenging the status quo, researching, experimenting, and of course getting feedback from YOU to ensure everything we do is the best it could possibly be.

For the last 6 months, our team of in-house dietitians have been hard at work to put NEW in nutrition and revamp both the content we provide, and the features that make flexible dieting and customising your Meals oh-so-easy. As a result, here are just a few fresh nutrition updates that have already landed in your MWU App:

  • All-new, highly requested Recipe Filter feature, allowing you to effortlessly build your day with the Recipe Library meals according to your macros and preferences 
  • Completely updated macro splits, brought to you by the latest research
  • An entirely new collection of delicious Meal Guides, which we have created with lots of your feedback in mind
  • A new approach to plant-based eating - less meat substitutes and soy-based products, more whole foods
  • An updated Food Database

And much, much more coming your way very soon! 🤫

We are so excited to see that not only you’re LOVING the new updates, you also want to learn more about the reasoning behind them! Today, we wanted to go through the most commonly asked questions we’ve been receiving - so grab a coffee and get ready for a little chat about all things nutrition.

Important Tips And Tricks

But before we dive into your questions, here are a few important tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the most out of your updated Nutrition experience!

  • Make sure your App is always up to date! This ensures that any updates and new features will work correctly - and don’t forget that each new version brings more little touches and improvements to provide you with the best experience.
  • If this is your first time getting into the App after the update, your previous Meal Guide will still display originally. You won’t be able to interact with it much (e.g. use Food Swaps), however it’s there in case you still need it for a couple of days. When you’re ready for the new experience, refresh your Meal Guide using the arrows icon in the top right corner; or use “Get New Meals” - this will reveal all our brand new content!
  • Rest assured all our Recipe Library creations are still there - with much more to come! Some names have been changed slightly, so please reach out to us if you’re struggling to find any of your favourites.
  • Likewise, our Food Database had a revamp - so some entries and nutritional values may be quite different from what you had before. Remember, nutritional labels change all the time, so this is totally normal and will not affect your progress so long as you’re consistent with your intake.

Nutrition Updates FAQ

What drove the decision to adjust our macro splits?

Simple: we always want to provide you girls with the latest information, so you can achieve results in the most enjoyable and sustainable way. Our brand new macro splits go hand-in-hand with latest research while still providing you with a fun, flexible approach to nutrition that’s easy to maintain forever, whatever your preferred eating style is!

My protein target has dropped - should I be concerned?

Not at all! 

There is no way around this, girls - protein is SUPER important for muscle growth, preservation, and other processes in your body. Protein is the building block of all, and it’s extremely important to get plenty of it, consistently, to achieve your goals. However, the idea of what “plenty” of protein looks like has changed dramatically throughout the years.

Science now confirms that you don’t need to consume insane amounts of protein each day to get results. Based on a variety of research outcomes, our general recommendation revolves around 1.2-2.2 g/kg lean body mass, give or take. 

Many of you will find yourselves somewhere in the middle of this range, but this may vary depending on your dietary restrictions, goal, body composition, and more. For example, in a calorie deficit protein allocation is likely to be relatively higher to promote fullness, but for someone on a plant-based diet, consuming a lot of protein may not be realistic.

Speaking of plant-based diets - can you explain changes for vegan plans?

Girls, our biggest feedback for Vegan Meal Guides has always been “more whole foods, less processed protein sources and meat substitutes”. 

But here’s the thing - many wholesome vegan protein sources contain significant carbs in addition to protein. This meant that to make these more enjoyable, practical Vegan Meal Guides a reality, we needed to completely revamp our macros here. Remember that one of the most important factors on your journey is being able to adhere to it long term, so it’s crucial that your Meal Guide reflects your favourite style of eating!

Rest assured that even though your protein target has dropped in favour of more carbs and fats, you will still get enough of it to achieve any goal you may have. 

Of course, if you genuinely prefer higher protein intake and don’t mind adding more supplements/meat substitutes/etc, you can always take advantage of our amazing customisation features. Absolutely nothing wrong with that! We are confident though that once you have tried the new Vegan Meal Guides, you will not look back. 🌱



Rachel keeps mentioning that she is flexible with carbs and fats, prioritising calories and protein intake. Is it ok to do this?

Of course - to an extent! 

It’s true that overall, you can be quite flexible with fats and carbs, so long as you are meeting your calories and protein, and follow that 80/20, balanced approach to eating. After all, you know your body best, and can play around with what eating style is most natural and beneficial for you.

However, it’s also important to remember that all the targets we provide you with are there for a reason - we want to make sure you have, on average, enough of each macro to support a healthy diet. To take this to extremes, we would very much not want you to have 5 g of fats per day just so you get to eat much higher carbs. This simply wouldn’t be healthy!

This is why if you’re someone who is just starting out, we generally recommend finding your groove by following your macros quite closely (within 10-15 g of protein and carbs, and 5 g of fats). Once you are more experienced with nutrition and have a balanced, well-rounded diet, you can proceed with experimenting with fats and carbs a bit more liberally.

Tip: You can read about the importance of each macro in your App, in the information section of your Meals tab.

Remember - we’re always here for you!

If you still have any questions, concerns or suggestions after reading this blog - please do not hesitate to email us, and we will be in touch.

We’re always available to help and guide you on your incredible journey, and can’t wait to witness the new chapter of it.

Much love,

Team MWU