New In Nutrition! 10 of our fave Meal Guides

The secret’s out...we’re putting the NEW in NUTRITION!

This means brand new Meal Guides, macro splits + App features! To give you a taste of what’s in store, we’ve created this blog to share 10 our fave new Meal Guides with you, for free!

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Nutrition can be complex, and this is exactly why our Team of in-house Dietitians are constantly striving to make your nutrition experience as effective as possible, while also making sure it’s easy-to-follow.

ALL Move With Us Programs + Challenges share the same science-based approach to nutrition, providing you with:

🎯 Customised calorie + macro targets

🍔 Delicious Meal Guide options, that perfectly fit your daily targets. This means you don’t have to calculate a thing!

🔁 Food swap options, allowing you to easily interchange ingredients for variety. 


For the first time, we’ve also added:


👉  RECIPE FILTERS! Browse 750+ delicious recipes to find options that suit your preferences! You can browse by calories, macros, dietary preferences and more. This allows you to easily fill your daily targets with meals of your choice. We’re all about variety!


👉  ALL NEW MEAL GUIDES! We’ve introduced new meal options, following our mantra of 80% wholefoods & 20% soul foods. You can expect your Meal Guide options to include a variety of delicious options, making it easier than ever to eat your way to achieving your goals.  


👉  NEW MACRO SPLITS! Our Team of in-house Dietitians have also introduced brand new macro splits, ensuring that our science-based approach is always up to industry standards. Our commitment to providing you with the best will never end ❤️⁣

👉 Plant-based girls - we haven’t forgotten about you! We have completely revamped our approach to plant-based nutrition. Our Vegan Meal Guides now contain more whole foods and fewer processed options and meat substitutes. To top it off, we have completely revamped Vegan macros to suit this style of eating!⁣

👉 But that's not all, cue the drumroll for our most highly requested nutrition update... We are so excited to launch our MEAL SWAP feature! 

Get ready for more variety and Meal Guide customisation than ever. Very soon, you will be able to simply swap your meals for an alternative with similar calories and macros! 

⁣This game changer will be making its debut in the MWU App very soon 😍

Take a look at some of our brand new Meal Guides!

No Restrictions







Red Meat Free


Seafood Free



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