What to do when you're feeling flat

What to do when you're feeling flat and unmotivated

Struggling with motivation is normal. It's something we all deal with from time to time! But it's so easy to lean into a negative cycle of low energy, no motivation and letting go of all the productivity you've worked hard to achieve. 

That's where our incredible Mindset Coach, Alexis, comes in! 

Get out of your slump with Alexis's three steps to motivation! 


Hey angels!

Let's take a moment to stop and check in with yourself.

How are you feeling?

How are your energy levels?

Don't judge yourself, and don't feel guilty if the answer is that you're feeling flat. 

Today I want you to get your head around how to create circuit breakers for when you're feeling flat, unmotivated, or when it feels like the biggest mission to get up and do something — whether that be training, work, or taking care of yourself.

The moments when you're feeling unmotivated are the times where you're most like to end up scrolling on your phone, raiding the kitchen, or trying to find something else to do other than care take of yourself.

And you do this to pacify your boredom... right?


The truth is, you're doing this to distract yourself from discomfort. If your energy in the day starts getting flat, then you stop doing actionable, productive things, and you start getting distracted.

This then goes on to make you feel annoyed with yourself or uncomfortable, and because you're feeling this way, the chance of you bouncing back and doing something productive drops even lower. 

This is where the negative cycle begins, and in most cases, you resign yourself to feeling like this until the day ends.

You don’t try to change it, and you DEFINITELY don’t try to analyze it because it will only make you feel worse.

Remember — we've all been there.

The problem is that every time we do this, we reinforce that pattern of behavior.

If you're feeling like it's almost impossible to break that feeling until the next day, remind yourself that you've unconsciously conditioned yourself to be that way.

So what CAN you do about this? A lot actually!


Firstly, I want you to create a list of things that make you feel either empowered or things that make you feel like you have accomplished something. They can range from small to big, simple to complicated. Write them all down!

Here are some examples:

  • Reaching out to a friend and talking to them
  • Cleaning a section of your home
  • Organizing your wardrobe, or a file on your computer, or a drawer in your kitchen 
  • Meditating for a few minutes
  • Writing out a list of things to do in the coming week
  • Stretching
  • Life admin work, e.g. paying bills

Now, some of these things might seem boring, but trust me on this one. Get them all down into a list, and have that list on your phone or somewhere you can always access it.

The next time you feel flat, challenge yourself to do just ONE of these tasks.


By doing one of these tasks, you're breaking the circuit of distraction; feeling flat = more distraction = feeling worse.

Instead, you'll be jolted into a moment of action, even if it is just for a basic task.

This change in activity switches your focus and gives you a sense of accomplishment. You've switched from an over-stimulated mindset into task-oriented action.

You've gone from being passive to being active. And no matter how small the task when you complete something, the momentum to do the next thing is infinitely higher than when you are sitting on your devices.


Additionally, I want you to pay attention to your physical self when you start to think that you don't have the drive or motivation to get something positive done.

Could it be that you've been hunched over a desk all day staring at a screen? Or you've just woken up, so you're still in bed trying to summon the energy to get up? Or is it that you've been lounging around for most of the day?

All these things illicit shallow breathing and a curled-in posture, which can encourage tired thoughts.

If you can, stand up where you are, focus on your breathing, change your posture, make some big physical movements (squat, jump, jog on the spot, or stretch).

This will get more oxygen through your system and into your brain. It's like a natural energy drink, and you will instantly feel the difference.

After you've made a physical change to your state, THEN ask yourself if you can try and tackle a task. Has the answer changed? Do you feel more motivated? You'll be surprised at the difference. 

So ladies, the next time you're feeling flat, put these three little steps into place and I can guarantee you that you'll tick off AT LEAST one task, and make positive changes.

Big love,

Mindset Coach, Alexis xx